Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring is here again!

We don't have tons of news regarding Ottawa Explosion Weekend this week.

We'll remind you that weekend passes are still available for $65 at and on April 1st they will be $70.
Next Friday weekend passes will also be available at a few stores in Ottawa for those who don't like buying things online.

Also reminding you that you can book rooms at the HI-Ottawa Jail Hostel and get a discount when you mention you're coming for OXW!

It's Friday and despite that it's snowing here in Ottawa, Spring is here again which means people are coming out of hibernation mode and are ready to go out and have some fun! Luckily we've got lots of options!!!!


We are co-presenting 2 cool show tonight and there's another cool show happening as well!

Bruised Tongue, Ottawa Explosion and Pancake present...

New Fries (Toronto)
You’re in a room. You begin pacing back and forth, thinking furiously about a strange memory, an odd decision, disjointed communication, your own existential confusion. Your speed increases, becomes frantic, stops and starts. You’re muttering, talking out loud without knowing, repeating the same words until they become the steady rhythm to a herky jerky dance routine, ending as abruptly as it began. Absolute silence interrupted by your own yelps; spastic bursts of noise, and the pacing starts again. This is the deconstructed dance anthem to your most obsessive and zig-zagged anxiety attack, the performance art soundtrack to a poetically deranged stream of consciousness.
- Julia Dickens (Weird Canada)

Moss Lime (Montreal)
Moss Lime spent the summer in Parc Petite Italie, Montreal, enjoying food and beverages from Lalime. One day they went to the swimming pool and another day they decided to play music together in a basement with a great dehumidifier.

They last played here with Crosss at Pressed and it was a real rad time!

Baberaham Lincoln (Ottawa)

Weed Mom (Ottawa)
Space frogs with songs. First show.

+ DJ Sadboy

All Ages! 9pm! $5


L'Ambassade Culturelle et Ottawa Explosion sont fiers de vous présenter:

CAFÉINE (Montréal-Aylmer, Qc)

Il est toujours plaisant de ravoir Caféine parmi nous dans les Outaouais. Suite à un passage en Californie, il revient pour quelques dates dans les salles du Québec et Gatineau est l'une d'entres elles. Petite salle et grands artistes garantissent toujours les meilleures soirées.

SONIC AVENUES (Montréal, Qc)

« Le quatuor montréalais perfectionne son style mélodique et élimine toute idée préconçue sur la définition d’un album punk. » - Heavy Trip

Petit Chicago, 50 Promenade du Portage, Gatineau (Hull)

12$ à l'avance, disponibles au:
15$ à la porte.

Portes - 19h00
Sonic Avenues - 20h00
Caféine - 21h00
Karaoké - 22h30

Our friends at House of Targ also presents an awesome show tonight!

Presented by: House Of TARG
Doors: 9pm / Show at 10pm
Cover: $5 before 10pm / $8 after 10pm

BA JOHNSTON is one our favourite performers & we are glad to have him back in his natural habitat… the arcade. This time around he will be pulling out all the stops (unusual sweaters, dollar store theatrics, mildly catchy tunes etc.) to try and get us to buy his new album “Shit Sucks”. Let support this self described “failed showman” so that he doesn’t have to end up working in Fort McMurray.

Shit Sucks, BA’s tenth studio album and one of the few ones actually recorded in a studio (partially), treads familiar territory for Hamilton’s Sweatiest Entertainer. Songs about sitting on the couch, stealing from the liquor cabinet and sitting on a different couch promise to rocket BA to the best seller list of every Sunrise Records in the country. After the laughter, BA tackles some serious subject matter on his heartfelt ballad “Nuke Toronto”.

Influences - Coffee, sardonicism, urban bullshit, raging out in a government town, burritos, steve's fishing stories, job-surfing, vegan poutine, some other things.

Anthemic garage combo

Stand up comedy from parts unknown and if you don't laugh he'll make your parts unknown.

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