Friday, March 13, 2015


Bands: Another Friday, another round of band announcements!  Check out the latest round of bands HERE!

Passes: We still have early bird passes available for $65 (+$2 paypal fees) at the end of the month or after we've sold 50 of those it will jump up to $70. Final price will be $80 so save yourself some $$ while you can!

Accommodations: One option for a place to stay during OXW is the Hostelling International Jail Hostel. Not only is it an ex-jail, it is also home to Mugshots one of the venues for OXW and is RIGHT NEXT DOOR to Club Saw/Arts Court where most of the action is. You can book online but if you call 1.866.299.1478 and tell them you are coming for Ottawa Explosion Weekend you'll get a discount. 

Volunteers: We’ll be doing a call-out for volunteers soon. If you volunteer for 2 shifts you’ll get a pass. If you already bought a pass we’ll refund you so if you want to make sure you get a pass buy one now!

June can't come soon enough!

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