Friday, March 20, 2015


It’s the first day of spring!! In Ottawa, we’re overjoyed because it’s Friday and it’s going to go up to 5 degrees Celsius! (That’s 41 degrees Fahrenheit for all of our US pals especially those of you in California!) 
This shirt was worn every day for 3 days during Gaga Weekend II back in 2009. It got used and abused for 3 days of fun during the party that was the pre-cursor to OXW that was organized by Ian of Going Gaga Records & The White Wires. 

GOING GAGA II was an epic year! Things kicked off at Rock & Roll Pizza Party as usual since it was a weekly habit at that point. Friday night was a wild house show another regular occurrence in Ottawa those days. This was also the first Saturday day show at YOGI’S aka THE MEATLOCKER aka the original HOUSE OF TARG! It was at this show that the covers for the Ottawa Gaga Compilation were glued onto the jackets and sold.
I’ll stop the storytelling time. If you want to see more you should track down a copy of the DVD documentary that was shot over that weekend. I think there are some copies still floating around somewhere. 
No new band announcements this week but there are definitely more coming! 
Just a reminder you can still buy $65 passes at There are 25 left and at the end of the month passes are going up to $70. They’ll also be available in stores around Ottawa in April! 

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