Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring is here again!

We don't have tons of news regarding Ottawa Explosion Weekend this week.

We'll remind you that weekend passes are still available for $65 at and on April 1st they will be $70.
Next Friday weekend passes will also be available at a few stores in Ottawa for those who don't like buying things online.

Also reminding you that you can book rooms at the HI-Ottawa Jail Hostel and get a discount when you mention you're coming for OXW!

It's Friday and despite that it's snowing here in Ottawa, Spring is here again which means people are coming out of hibernation mode and are ready to go out and have some fun! Luckily we've got lots of options!!!!


We are co-presenting 2 cool show tonight and there's another cool show happening as well!

Friday, March 20, 2015


It’s the first day of spring!! In Ottawa, we’re overjoyed because it’s Friday and it’s going to go up to 5 degrees Celsius! (That’s 41 degrees Fahrenheit for all of our US pals especially those of you in California!) 
This shirt was worn every day for 3 days during Gaga Weekend II back in 2009. It got used and abused for 3 days of fun during the party that was the pre-cursor to OXW that was organized by Ian of Going Gaga Records & The White Wires. 

GOING GAGA II was an epic year! Things kicked off at Rock & Roll Pizza Party as usual since it was a weekly habit at that point. Friday night was a wild house show another regular occurrence in Ottawa those days. This was also the first Saturday day show at YOGI’S aka THE MEATLOCKER aka the original HOUSE OF TARG! It was at this show that the covers for the Ottawa Gaga Compilation were glued onto the jackets and sold.
I’ll stop the storytelling time. If you want to see more you should track down a copy of the DVD documentary that was shot over that weekend. I think there are some copies still floating around somewhere. 
No new band announcements this week but there are definitely more coming! 
Just a reminder you can still buy $65 passes at There are 25 left and at the end of the month passes are going up to $70. They’ll also be available in stores around Ottawa in April! 

Friday, March 13, 2015


Bands: Another Friday, another round of band announcements!  Check out the latest round of bands HERE!

Passes: We still have early bird passes available for $65 (+$2 paypal fees) at the end of the month or after we've sold 50 of those it will jump up to $70. Final price will be $80 so save yourself some $$ while you can!

Accommodations: One option for a place to stay during OXW is the Hostelling International Jail Hostel. Not only is it an ex-jail, it is also home to Mugshots one of the venues for OXW and is RIGHT NEXT DOOR to Club Saw/Arts Court where most of the action is. You can book online but if you call 1.866.299.1478 and tell them you are coming for Ottawa Explosion Weekend you'll get a discount. 

Volunteers: We’ll be doing a call-out for volunteers soon. If you volunteer for 2 shifts you’ll get a pass. If you already bought a pass we’ll refund you so if you want to make sure you get a pass buy one now!

June can't come soon enough!

Monday, March 9, 2015


Check out our playlist of music videos by OXW bands!

Friday, March 6, 2015

OXW 2015: Third Round of Bands Announced!

 We are insanely excited to announce another round of bands playing OXW 2015! 

We are also excited to reveal the design for this year's poster done by Michael George Haddad! He's done designs for tons of awesome bands like Strange Attractor, Teledrome, Sonic Avenues and many more! He's also performed after every Gaga Weekend and every Ottawa Explosion Weekend with his bands Mother's Children, Voicemail & Sick Fits.

Early bird passes are still available for $60 and will get bumped up in April or once we've sold the first 50. The passes will end up being $80 in the end so save yourself $20!.