Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Here's the second round of bands for OXW 2014!

THE ABANDOS (Philadelphia, PA) https://soundcloud.com/the-abandos
ALASKAN (Ottawa, ON) http://alaskan.bandcamp.com
AVERAGE TIMES (Ottawa, ON) http://averagetimes.bandcamp.com/
BEST FIENDS (Halifax, NS) http://bestfiends.bandcamp.com
BLUE ANGEL (Ottawa, ON) http://blueangel.bandcamp.com/
CAULDRON (Toronto, ON) http://cauldronmetal.tumblr.com/
DAD JOKES (Auckland, NZ) http://dadjokes.bandcamp.com
THE DAGGER EYES (Ottawa/Montreal) http://thedaggereyes.bandcamp.com
FIRST BASE (Toronto, ON) http://firstbase.bandcamp.com/
MOTHER’S CHILDREN (Ottawa, ON) http://motherschildren.bandcamp.com
OUTTACONTROLLER (Halifax, NS) http://outtacontroller.bandcamp.com
PINK WINE (Toronto, ON) http://ilikepinkwine.bandcamp.com
ROBERTA BONDAR (Ottawa,ON) http://roberta-bondar.bandcamp.com/
TV FREAKS (Hamilton, ON) http://teeveefreakzz.bandcamp.com
THE YIPS (Ottawa, ON) http://yips613.bandcamp.com
ZEX (Ottawa, ON) http://zexzexzex.com

We'll be announcing even more bands very soon!!!

First round of bands
BOYHOOD (Ottawa, ON) http://boyhoodsongs.bandcamp.com
THE CREEPS (Ottawa, ON) http://thecreeps.bandcamp.com
CRUSADES (Ottawa, ON) http://crusades666.bandcamp.com
IDLE BLOOM (Nashville, TN) http://www.facebook.com/idlebloom
THE FAMINES (Montreal, QC) http://thefamines.bandcamp.com/
FERAL TRASH (Moncton, NB) http://feraltrash.bandcamp.com
KETAMINES (Toronto, ON) http://ketamines.bandcamp.com
METZ (Toronto, ON) http://metz.bandcamp.com
NEEDLES//PINS (Vancouver, BC) http://needlesxpins.bandcamp.com
NEW SWEARS (Ottawa, ON) http://newswears.bandcamp.com   
POOKIE & THE POODLEZ (Oakland, CA) http://pookieandthepoodlez.bandcamp.com
PRETTY PRETTY (Columbus, OH) http://prettypretty.bandcamp.com
PRIMITIVE HEARTS (Oakland, CA) http://primitivehearts.bandcamp.com
PROTOMARTYR (Detroit, MI) https://soundcloud.com/protomartyr
STEVE ADAMYK BAND (Ottawa, ON) http://steveadamykband.com
STRANGE ATTRACTOR (Sudbury, ON) http://strangeattractor.bandcamp.com/
TOUGH AGE (Vancouver, BC) http://tough-age.bandcamp.com
TROPICAL DRIPPS (Ottawa, ON) http://tropicaldripps.bandcamp.com
TWEENS (Cincinatti, OH) http://tweens.bandcamp.com
VACATION (Cincinatti, OH) http://vacation.bandcamp.com
THE WHITE WIRES (Ottawa, ON) http://thewhitewires.bandcamp.com

Passes are $60 by email transfer to ottawaexplosion@gmail.com
Add $2.00 per pass for payment via paypal. (They take a percentage.)
Passes will be available in Ottawa soon!


HI-Ottawa Jail Hostel (75 Nicholas St)
The absolute closest place to stay during OXW. It is home to one of the venues (Mugshots) and is literally right next door to the main venue (Club Saw). It is an ex-prison and is rumored to be haunted.... 

*You have to call to get the deal!* Call 613-235-2595 or 1-886-299-1478 and mention that you are staying for Ottawa Explosion Weekend to receive a discounted rate. 


Want to buy an ad in our OXW 2014 booklet? http://bit.ly/OXW2014booklet


More info: http://ottawaexplosion.com
instagram: @ottawaexplosion


About Ottawa Explosion Weekend (OXW)
Ottawa Explosion Weekend 2014 will be the fourth edition of this yearly festival. OXW is a celebration of independent music in the punk/garage/hardcore/weirdo vein with a focus on local & canadian bands while still including up and coming bands from the US.

Past performers include Metz, The Men, Mean Jeans, Night Birds, Iron Chic, Bad Sports, Omegas, Nude Beach, Vacation & a bunch more of new and exciting bands from Ottawa, Montreal & Toronto and as far as San Francisco & Hamburg.

The festival is organized by a small group of passionate people and the help of volunteers to pull together this multi day/multi venue affair.

Poster & logo by Curtis Delaney http://pizzatrip.tumblr.com

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