Friday, July 5, 2013

New Bruised Tongue Releases!

Here's a great way to spend your weekend - Listen to a bunch of awesome new music! 

BRUISED TONGUE put out a bunch of releases in a short period of time. Let's see if I can get them all. Once again they've released their annual AFTERBURNERS compilation which comes out during OTTAWA EXPLOSION WEEKEND. This time they've truly outdone themselves with a 90 minute cassette with an accompanying zine. If you've gripped yourself a copy you know how awesome it looks. It contains some amazing tracks from the likes of HOLY COBRAS, THE SOUPCANS, BLUE CROSS and a bunch of great local bands (Organ Eyes, Grime Kings, Schizophasia), out-of-towners (Monomyth, Moon, The Abandos), one-off/solo projects (Sammy J, Mark F, David Bower III) & some local bands' first physical releases (Aube, Average Times, Bonnie Doon, Tropical Dripps). 27 tracks in total! Get into it!

AFTERBURNERS VOL 3 cassette/zine

They also released the following....

CROSSS/UN BLONDE split lathe 7"

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