Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Upcoming Shows!

Hey rippers!

Here's a bunch of shows happening in the next few weeks!

12.19 Direct Hit, Fresh Hell & Stuck In A Hole at Luneta. 8 pm/$8/AA

12.19 Zine Reading: TQZF Winter Survival Tour at Pressed. 8 pm/AA

12.20/21 Season's Beatings 2013 - Remi Royale, ManPower, Slo Tom, Mokomokai, Blackbread, Lucky Ron & More. at Irene’s. 9 pm/$10/19+

12.20 XXX-mas (members of New Swears, Tropical Dripps, etc.) at Pressed. 9 pm/PWYC/AA

12.22 Construction & Destruction / Kappa Chow / Organ Eyes at Pressed. 8pm/$8/AA

12.23 White Wires at Babylon. 10 pm/$5/19+

12.27 First Base, Voicemail & Nervous System at House of Targ. 8 pm/$5/AA

12.27 Lost Youth, Rodent Lord & Upheaval of Outcasts at Luneta. 8 pm/$5/AA

12.28 Brabazons, Swollen Eyes & Chero Chava at Luneta. 8 pm/$5/AA

1.03 Abject Pax, Concrete Asylum, Silent Order & Bloodnail at Luneta. 7:30 pm/$6/AA

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Thanks to Alanna Why for contributing this piece of hard hitting journalism!


Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Ottawa Explosion, Bruised Tongue & Debaser present...

Wednesday November 6th

Trouble in Mind/Burger Records/Reverberation Appreciation Society

Any number of bands cite 60’s Texas psych as an influence, but rarely does a group actually capture what made those bands special. The Night Beats perfectly captures and modernizes the hallucinogenic and exhilaratingly demonic aura of bands like The 13th Floor Elevators and Golden Dawn. With blazing guitar work and a razor sharp rhythm section Danny Lee Blackwell and company mutate conventional chords & progressions into a mind-blowing sonic sprawl


Bruised Tongue Records

This prolific Ottawa songwriting duo have put out three full-length releases this year alone, with no signs of slowing down. Marine Tantrum’s title does well to reflect its fine balance of bangers and mash, but gets the chronology backwards. Out of the gate, “British Grafitti”, “Teenage Kingdomdom” and “Jesus Fish” throw fits like angry mall punx, before mellowing out later tracks like “Needle Beach” and “Tumble Dry” with submerged distortion, wavy falsetto and effortless indifference. Closer “Zola Saw”, which most closely resembles Multibody’s teen-dreamy vibration, is spacious and drawn-out, playing with pseudo-naïveté. Knowing and not knowing, it negotiates between youth and maturity, light and heavy, resolving nothing. - Weird Canada

614 Gladstone
8 pm/$8/AA


Thursday November 7th

spectrasonic, Ottawa Explosion and present

YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN (Toronto/Montreal experimental/noh-wave/performance art, Paper Bag recs)

THE YIPS (Ottawa haunt & roll, Bruised Tongue)

BLUE ANGEL (Ottawa psych/punk, mbrs of Boyhood/Organ Eyes/Roberta Bondar)

Babylon (317 Bank St.)
Licensed 19+ - 8pm doors - $13 advance + service charges

tickets available at Vertigo Records and

direct ticketing link:

facebook event page:


Friday November 8th

Ottawa Explosion & Kichesippi Beer presents the 7th edition of Funhouse!

CRAIG PERU (Small Talk Stinks/Bruised Tongue) & Skid Vicious (Rock & Roll Pizza Party/Ottawa Explosion) will be spinning choice punk platters and new wave nightmares in the prison yard all night long!


FUN BOY CLUB HOUSE DJ duo SCRUBAR & MATT BROBUD joining on the wheels of steel!

$4 bottles of Kichesippi all night & $4 dark and stormy's made with Harvey & Vern's Old Fashioned Soda! What a steal!

Mugshots Jail Bar
75 Nicholas St.

Doors at 10 pm. $3

A real cool time.

Sunday, October 27, 2013


spectrasonic, Ottawa Explosion and present


YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN (Toronto/Montreal experimental/noh-wave/performance art, Paper Bag recs)

THE YIPS (Ottawa haunt & roll, Bruised Tongue)

BLUE ANGEL (Ottawa psych/punk, mbrs of Boyhood/Organ Eyes/Roberta Bondar)

Thursday November 7 @ babylon (317 Bank St.)
Licensed 19+ - 8pm doors - $13 advance + service charges

tickets available at Vertigo Records and

direct ticketing link:

facebook event page:

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Wednesday October 2nd 

Come see Montreal's Sharing help kick off the Yips' Southern Ontario mini-tour!

SHARING (Montreal)

THE YIPS (Ottawa, Bruised Tongue)

Doors at 9
Music at 9:30
$5 cover

Daily Grind
601 Somerset St W

Friday October 4th

CHUO 89.1 FM and Café Nostalgica presents..


SWOLLEN EYES played unhinged lo-fi rock & roll madness! They have a split tape with NEW SWEARS out as well as releases on the local BRUISED TONGUE record label.

9 pm!

Cafe Nostalgica
601 Cumberland St

Friday night can also mean reasonable hangs, tasty beers, and semi-quiet music. Did you know that?

Come to the Clock Tower Brew Pub for just that.
This is a PWYC event (we recommend anywhere between $5-$90).

This will also be the release of Jon's first EP, 'Intro.Outro'
Available online as a digital download or at the show as a postcard/download. Only $5!!!
"[he is] the Lil Wayne of Pop Jams"
- Jonas Bonnetta, Evening Hymns

There will also be a donation jar for the mighty Ottawa Rock Camp for Girls. Not to mention a selection of hot sauces for sale. All hot sauce sales go to the Rock Camp. Saucy!

Doors at 8:30

Patrick Shanks - 9:30pm
Jon Hynes - 10:15 pm
Yuma County - 11:00 pm

See you beauties there!

Clocktower Pub
575 Bank St.

Saturday October 5th

(Hardcore punkers from Toronto)

(10 year anniversary, last show ever!!)

(Your fav local raw punx, first show with new lineup)

(New Ottawa hardcore punk assault!)

( Local Lo-Fi Freaker punk goddesses)

@ 443 kent (respect the fucking space)
5$-10$ sliding scale, doors at 8pm

Sunday October 6th

Off The Beaten Track presents the 9th Ottawa Community Record Show, Sunday, October 6th at St. Anthony’s Hall. Ton of Killer, NO FILLER, LPs & CDs. Your chance to dig for rare gems and scour for deals on great music from every genre.

The 9th Ottawa Community Record Show, Sunday, October 6th from 11 AM to 4 PM at St. Anthony’s Hall, 523 St. Anthony St. (near Preston and the 417) Admission is a mere 3 DOLLARS!!

also: DJ Billy from Hot Butter & Bank St. Bounce will be rockin' the ones 'n' twos

The 9th Ottawa Community Record Show in collaboration with CHUO 89.1 FM, CKCU 93.1 FM & Birdman Sound.

Thursday October 10th

Debaser on CKCU 93.1 FM is pleased to present:

Hand Drawn Dracula
Purveyors of Shaman beat.
"This audio administration is declaring spiritual war against bad vibes, translating visual expressions into ethereal sounds." -Weird Canada

Buzz Records
Punk Garage Sludge
"This is a great example of the dark, noisy swamp-rock that’s been brooding in the bowels of southern Ontario recently." - Weird Canada

The Babes of Bruised Tongue Supergroup!
Members of Boyhood, Roberta Bondar and Organ Eyes

+++ Liquid Light Visuals!
+++ Art Installations!

Door at 9 PM ▲ Music around 10 PM ▲ $7

Listen to Debaser on CKCU 93.1 FM every Tuesday from 2-3 pm for news and chat about the show, and lots of similar shit!

75 Nicholas St

Vertigo Records, spectrasonic and present

VERTIGO RECORDS 10th Anniversary Party with

SNFU (Vancouver based, Edmonton raised punk, Cruzar Media recs)

AB IRATO (Montreal punk/hardcore, Man In Anger recs)

FLYING FORTRESS (Pembroke metal/rawk, Uncle D recs)

and more

Thursday October 10 @ Mavericks (221 Rideau St.)
Licensed 19+ - 8pm doors - $15 advance + service charges

Friday October 11th

Ottawa Explosion & Kichesippi Beer presents the 6th edition of Funhouse!

Friday October 11th 2013

TV FREAKS (Hamilton, ON)

Spastic garage-punk

BLOOD RED (Braddock, PA)

Members of Pissed Jeans & Rambo playing ripping hardcore.

THEE NODES (Montreal, QC)

Wild, animalistic punk.


CRAIG PERU (Small Talk Stinks/Bruised Tongue) & SKID VICIOUS (Rock & Roll Pizza Party/Ottawa Explosion) will be spinning choice punk platters and new wave nightmares in the prison yard all night long!

$4 bottles of Kichesippi all night & $4 dark and stormy's made with Harvey & Vern's Old Fashioned Soda! What a steal!

Mugshots Jail Bar
75 Nicholas St.

Doors at 10 pm. $8

MIRACLES (ex - Sainte Catherines from Montreal, PQ)
FFO jean vests, back patches and folk-punk jams

FFO acid/folk/garage and feeling sticky

FFO cigarettes and songs about the cold

FFO folk duos/heart


665 Bronson St

There is a lot more going on in October! Keep your eyes and ears peeled!!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

9.26 POP. 1280 & TEENANGER at 614 Gladstone!

Ottawa Explosion & Bruised Tongue presents...


POP. 1280 (New York City, NY)

Imps of Perversion, Pop. 1280’s second full-length for Sacred Bones, finds the four-piece shaking off the hangover that was their critically acclaimed lP The Horror, and diving back down into the basement to enjoy the depravity. Recorded at BC Studio with legendary producer Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Cop Shoot Cop, Swans), Pop. 1280 have created their most cohesive and powerful statement to date. Woven together with stories of lust, sexual confusion, temptation, and debauchery, Imps forms a tight web of manic synth-punk, bad-trip acid jams and bludgeoning industrial beats. This is the sound of a band having fun and pushing the limits of their brand of industrial-punk with tighter songwriting and more dynamic musicianship. On Imps of Perversion, Gary Numan-esque analog synths bubble across acrid, blistering guitars, driving bass lines and crushing rhythms. From the opening noise-rock blast of “Lights Out” to the industrial groove of “Human Probe II” through to the synth-punk ripper “Do the Anglerfish,” this new album is a celebration of making bad decisions again and again. Pop. 1280 knows the party’s going to have to end, but they’re going to get their kicks before the drones lock in for the finale.


Toronto punk band aspiring to one day become a gang of aging criminals who need one last score to retire on a tropical island.

614 Gladstone.

8 pm/$6/AA

Monday, September 9, 2013

Ottawa Explosion invades Pop Montreal!

POP Montreal and Ottawa Explosion presents...


HOLY COBRAS (Montreal, QC)
Telephone Explosion/Bruised Tongue Records
We now reside on the other side. SPEED, NOISE, CRASH. Look on up we got stuff for your mind, eyes and soul. Come with us its not too far gone. DOPE, DRONES, TRASH. A little revolution, and good times for our all our kids.

Dirt Cult/Bruised Tongue Records

The perfect soundtrack to getting drunk and jumping off the roof of a two story house into the shallow end and having to be carted off to the emergency room for a couple broken bones.

Pregnany Scares (Ottawa, ON)
Deranged Records

Feedback spit bath.

Boyhood (Ottawa, ON)
Bruised Tongue Records

Slop songs for slugs.

Big Dick (Ottawa, ON)

Two piece punk rock.

Set Times:
1:30AM // Holy Cobras
12:30PM // New Swears
11:30PM // Pregnancy Scares
10:30PM // Boyhood
9:30PM // Big Dick

September 25th, 2013
Quai des Brumes
4481 rue St-Denis


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Upcoming Shows!

Ottawa Explosion presents...


KETAMINES (Toronto, ON/Lethbridge, AB)

The Ketamines is music from James Leroy and Paul Lawton. Based simultaneously out of Lethbridge and Toronto, The Ketamines live band(s) have featured over one hundred members to date, touring most of North America in various disguises, disgracing themselves and dishonoring their fathers. The Ketamines have put out two singles and one LP on a variety of labels that like and trust them completely. Their friends find them “intolerable” and “annoying” and as such they find it hard to find connection or love in this cruel world. Ambition with no expectation.

TOUGH AGE (Vancouver, BC)

Tough Age blends scrappy pop-punk with surf overtones and are influenced by obscure 60's CanCon singles, Guided By Voices, cats and comic books.


Sweet yet nasty garage tunes for punk teens and adult degenerates. Tape out on Bruised Tongue very soon!

10 PM. $8.

Finish What You Started and friends bring you

KICKING SPIT (new brunswick, new jersey lo-fi pop-punk)

ORGAN EYES (psychedelic grunge)

YES, PLEASE & THANK YOU (garage rawk)

CHAIN RULE (new shoegaze)

Friday, August 30th @ Luneta Café & Bistro (665 Bronson Avenue)

Doors at 7:30pm. $5.

Friday Night at the House of TARG presents -

PUP (Toronto, ON)
-plus- DJ Emmett (Mod Club)

Cousin Nestor is coming to town!! And this time he is bringing a sweet showcase of Toronto bands - I've heard a lot of chatter about THE DIRTY NIL and am super excited to finally get a chance to catch their live show -
these guys hit it pretty hard and heavy while keeping the party going strong - pop sensibility/melody mixed with aggressive hooked out heaviness. PUP has risen from the ashes of TOPANGA to carry on their strong legacy of
brilliant musicianship and hard travelled road dedication - probably one of the most energetic bands on the current circuit - these guys can do it all!! First show for BLACKBREAD - my new project with members of FOGBOTTOM, KLOVENHOOFS, HEAT MACHINES, BOOM CREEK etc.
Its gonna be a short/sweet first set so get to there early!!

Friday August 30th
House of TARG
bands done at 11pm, arcade open till 1am.
Don't forget your quarters!!!


Finish What You Started brings you

HIGHNESS (Brookyln, NY heavy melody, members of Christie Front Drive, pg99, Darkest Hour, City of Caterpillar)

SPARROWS (new LP out called Cold Grounds)

CARRAWAY (ottawa emo punks)

FIGHTING SEASON (hamilton pop-punk)

Saturday, August 31st @ Luneta Cafe & Bistro

8pm. $8


walrus (HFX)

sheepman (HFX)

organ eyes

Starts at 10


Ottawa Explosion presents...
by Blake Hargreaves

September 3rd
@Club SAW
$8 8PM

premiere screening of Blake Hargreaves video collage UNCHAINED MALADY.

Tree of Life meets Anti-Christ meets Michael Snow. Very psychedelic, drone-y and at sometimes grotesque, it's incredibly captivating and hypnotic.

Be prepared to lose your mind.

informal screening setting. chairs for sitting, room for standing.

curated by Les Demon


w/ BIZZIE D & SKA JEFF "DJing" all their fav pop-punk jams! Hear everything new and old, old and new, and yes..even the cheesy stuff! We're going to play everything from TEENAGE HEAD to THE HARD-ONS to JAWBREAKER to LIFETIME to GOB to you name it!


We're also having a few rad bands open the night off with short sets featuring

SCHOOL DAMAGE (toronto pop-punk)



Tuesday, September 3rd @ Luneta Café & Bistro (665 Bronson Avenue)

Doors at 8pm. $5 before 11pm (gas ain't cheap, support the bands!) and FREE after.


Future Ottawa Explosion shows:

9.13 FUNHOUSE Punk DJ Night at Mugshots. 11 pm/$3.
9.25 Ottawa Explosion Showcase at POP Montreal w/ Holy Cobras, New Swears, Pregnancy Scares, Boyhood & Big Dick!
9.26 Pop. 1280 & Teenanger at 614 Gladstone. 8 pm/$6/AA.
10.11 FUNHOUSE Punk Dj Night w/ TV Freaks + more. 10 pm.
10.23 The Famines + more at Pressed. 8 pm/$8.
11.08 FUNHOUSE Punk DJ Night at Mugshots.
11.15 Solids + more at Gabba Hey!

Friday, August 23, 2013

8.23 Screaming Females, Organ Eyes & The Yips at Gabba Hey!, ottawa explosion, and spectrasonic present

SCREAMING FEMALES (New Jersey indie/punk, Don Giovanni recs)

ORGAN EYES (Ottawa psych/garage, Bruised Tongue recs)

THE YIPS (Ottawa Ouija rock, Bruised Tongue recs)

Friday August 23 - Gabba Hey
All Ages - 9pm doors - $10 advance

tickets available at Vertigo Records and at the door

facebook event page:

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Review: Arboretum Arts Festival!

Read a review of Arboretum Arts Festival courtesy of Alanna Why of Pukey Party.

Congrats to Arboretum Festival for another successful year!
Looking forward to seeing what's to come in the future!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Off The Beaten Track & Ottawa Explosion presents...


HUMAN EYE (Detroit, MI)

Psych-punk animals from outer space on In The Red, Goner & Sacred Bones records.

"One of the world’s last real examples of avant garde punk music, Human Eye is the yardstick by which all real rock’n’roll weirdness should be measured. As far back as 2004, these oblique creatures of the darkest, most unlit spaces in the universe carved out their very own caveman-cum-alien formula of sickening sounds. Withstanding lineup changes and label rearrangements, they’ve succeeded in baring the frayed edges of their own sanity and creating something truly awe-inspiring with each successive release." - Sacred Bones



The Dominion Tavern
33 York St.

Doors at 9 pm.
$10 advance at the door

Monday, August 12, 2013

VIDEO: The Kidnappers - "East Berlin (Ost- Berlin)"

Hamburg's THE KIDNAPPERS just released their first music video for a track called "East Berlin (Ost-Berlin)" which is coming out on a 7" on Secret Mission Records in October.

The video even features a loving tribute to Ottawa's own NEW SWEARS.

The video also features "Tennis, Golf, a human gin distillery and dancing Flamingos...Enjoy!!!!"

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

FUNHOUSE: Voicemail & Babysitter go to jail!

Ottawa Explosion & Kichesippi Beer presents the 4th edition of Funhouse!

This month CRAIG PERU (Small Talk Stinks/Bruised Tongue) & Skid Vicious (Rock & Roll Pizza Party/Ottawa Explosion) will be spinning choice punk platters and new wave nightmares in the prison yard all night long! Get ready to dance! 

Musical guests:


Taking inspiration from the best of Northern Ireland in the 70's - Protex, Undertones, Stiff Little Fingers and adding a dash of Thin Lizzy's street stomping attitude Voicemail will have you begging for more.



"sounds like DRI jamming on Crazy Horse, but the music has taken on a more epic quality, something, that in the best sense of the denim/flannel stereotype, sounds Canadian as fuck while also evoking Grunge’s greatest ideals. “Never gonna die! Never gonna die!” screams “Talking ‘Bout The New Generation”, an anthem for the ne’er-do-wellkids with hair in their faces and holes in their jeans, spilling Blue all over the basement floor as they slamdance to keep warm during long winters." - Weird Canada

$4 bottles of Kichesippi all night & $4 dark and stormy's made with Harvey & Vern's Old Fashioned Soda! What a steal!

Mugshots Jail Bar
75 Nicholas St.

Doors at 10:30 pm. $5.

A real cool time.

Friday, July 26, 2013


Here's a review of the Marshtepper & Blue Angel courtesy of Alanna Why of Pukey Party.

Here's what's coming up in Ottawa this weekend!!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Ottawa Explosion & Kichesippi Beer presents...

Friday July 12th will be the night for the third edition of FUNHOUSE!

This month CRAIG PERU (Small Talk Stinks/Bruised Tongue) & Skid Vicious (Rock & Roll Pizza Party/Ottawa Explosion) will be spinning choice punk platters and new wave nightmares in the prison yard all night long! Get ready to dance! 

We've also got special musical guests MONOMYTH coming from Halifax, NS!! You may have caught them last year at OXW or on the last two Afterburners compilations.

$4 bottles of Kichesippi all night & $4 dark and stormy's made with Harvey & Vern's Old Fashioned Soda! What a steal!

Mugshots Jail Bar
75 Nicholas St.

10 pm. $5.

A real cool time.

Friday, July 5, 2013

New Bruised Tongue Releases!

Here's a great way to spend your weekend - Listen to a bunch of awesome new music! 

BRUISED TONGUE put out a bunch of releases in a short period of time. Let's see if I can get them all. Once again they've released their annual AFTERBURNERS compilation which comes out during OTTAWA EXPLOSION WEEKEND. This time they've truly outdone themselves with a 90 minute cassette with an accompanying zine. If you've gripped yourself a copy you know how awesome it looks. It contains some amazing tracks from the likes of HOLY COBRAS, THE SOUPCANS, BLUE CROSS and a bunch of great local bands (Organ Eyes, Grime Kings, Schizophasia), out-of-towners (Monomyth, Moon, The Abandos), one-off/solo projects (Sammy J, Mark F, David Bower III) & some local bands' first physical releases (Aube, Average Times, Bonnie Doon, Tropical Dripps). 27 tracks in total! Get into it!

AFTERBURNERS VOL 3 cassette/zine

They also released the following....

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Upcoming shows!


RAW RAW RIOT (awesome local punk)

BONVIVANT (real deal franco montreal punk rockers)

DUMB ADULTS (montreal punk rock, members of dig it up)

HEISENBEARDS (new and gritty montreal pop punk, members of brixton robbers)

Luneta Cafe & Bistro (665 Bronson Ave.)


Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Check out some pictures from the Iceage show that happened at Babylon on June 17th. Huge thanks to Bruised Tongue for making this show happen!

Check out more shots by Darryl Andrew Reid as well as some by Andrew Carver.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

OXW 2013: Over & Out!

Hello everyone!

Just writing to thank you for coming to our festival and making it the by far the best Ottawa Explosion Weekend! A huge thanks to everyone who came from out of town. A whole crew of people came from Germany as well as a couple of people from the UK which is incredible.

Thanks to all of the bands for playing! A huge thanks to the bands that came from out of town!

Thanks to everyone who volunteered their time and especially those who went above and beyond the call of duty.

We hope to see you all again next year!

There are some pictures floating around the internet so you can relive or simply try to remember certain events.

Marc once again came all the way from Germany to hang out this year and took some awesome pics along the way:

Andrew is a staple at OXW and most shows in Ottawa

There's a few other people taking pics as well.

Check out #oxw on instagram to see a bunch of pics.

Thanks again! Come out to shows all year long and we can keep having fun!

Sunday, June 16, 2013


 If you want a quick and easy daily schedule - click here:

Here's the run down of the entire week!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


OTTAWA EXPLOSION WEEKEND 2013 is happening June 20th to 23rd!

OTTAWA EXPLOSION WEEKEND 2013 is happening on June 19th to 23rd 2013!

We'll be doing multiple shows every night and will be having Saturday and Sunday day shows! Bracelets are only $60!

Here's the first 75 or so bands that we are announcing! They are from all over North American and we even have our first bands from outside of the continent playing this year. The line-up is subject to change so  expect to see more bands added to the list as time goes on so keep checking back!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Swears on City Slang!

NEW SWEARS came by the CHUO studios last night at 9 pm to play some tracks and talk some smack on CITY SLANG!

You can hear it here!

Check out their new video for Two Darts!

Come see them play on Thursday!
More details here!

Friday, February 15, 2013

City Slang Radio!

Don't forget to listen to City Slang every Monday at 9 pm on CHUO 89.1 FM.

You missed an episode? You can listen to it HERE!

Here's a recap of all of the shows.

Emmanuel and Travis talk to Aaron and Marie of, a website archiving the weirdest and best Canadian music. 

Aaron shares some bizarre tales of private press treasures, including the story of alleged murderer and extreme soft-rocker Lewis!

Plus tunes from S.H.I.T., Big Dick, Merchandise, The Soupcans, Teledrome, and Lewis.


Emmanuel and Travis talk to Chris Mason of Dirt Cult records about punks in Los Cruces, New Mexico. Chris reveals how his mom feels about the new Misfits (it’s not good).

Hear tracks from Chris’ band Low Culture. Plus, tracks from The Sediment Club, Alex Calder, Fuzz, Open Channels, Chloroform, Rational Animals, Hank Wood and the Hammerheads, Total Crush, and a Valley Boys song that might BLOW TRAVIS’ MIND.


Pierre Richardson and Craig Proulx from tape label Bruised Tongue take over the airwaves to play some of the finest tunes from the Bruised Tongue catalogue. What a couple’a jerks!

Pierre and Craig talk about the origins of the label, how the cassette game has changed in Canada, and what kind of biker trouble you get into wearing a back patch.

Hear tunes from Blue Cross, Black Train, Monomyth, Boyhood, Mannequin, Red Mass, Organ Eyes, plus a preview of upcoming releases from The Yips, New Swears, and J.S. Odette.


All star after all star! Raymond Biesinger of The Famines gives us some style pointers and a history lesson on WWI TANKS! Plus, Alex Calder of Makeout Videotape takes a RAPID FIRE INTERVIEW, and we learn about near-death tour experiences, and where the best drug-front restaurants are in Montreal.

And hear tunes from The Famines, Tweens, Pretty Pretty, Vacation, Alex Calder, Makeout Videotape, Dirty Beaches, Whore Paint, and Rough Kids.


Steve Adamyk of THE STEVE ADAMYK BAND joins Emmanuel and Travis in studio! We almost kick him out, but then the gang talks about punk rock karaoke, debauchery in hospitals, and how not to get arrested in Spain. 

Hear tracks from The Steve Adamyk Band, Sonic Avenues, The Shooting Guns, TV Freaks, Red Dons, Absolutely Free, Camel Heads, Inservibles, and more.

Follow the show on Twitter if you're into that kind of thing.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Ottawa Explosion Weekend 2012: A visual retrospective.

David Forcier, photographer and drummer extraordinaire, just unearthed all his pictures from Ottawa Explosion Weekend 2012.

See the rest here!

Don't be too impatient. We'll be announcing bands for OXW 2013 later this month!

The Yips - EP - stream!

To finish off the week we're posting the fourth stream of the week! THE YIPS will be releasing their debut cassette on BRUISED TONGUE next month but you can get a sneak peak of the tape now by listening to it HERE!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hilotrons "At Least There's Commotion" stream

You can stream the new HILOTRONS lp "At Least There's Commotion" HERE.

It's an amazing record that completely blew my mind when I heard it.

There's an awesome interactive map with videos for a bunch of the tracks from the record HERE.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Swears "Funny Isn't Real" stream!

NEW SWEARS just put up a stream of their "Funny Isn't Real" tape. Check it out here!

BRUISED TONGUE will be releasing the tape on March 7th at Pressed with NEW SWEARS playing with COLD WARPS! More info here!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Steve Adamyk Band - "Third" LP stream!

You can stream the brand new lp from STEVE ADAMYK BAND that will be out February 12th on DIRTNAP records at the Exclaim! website.

You will be able to pick up a copy at the record release show on March 2nd with SONIC AVENUES!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Win 2 passes to Ottawa Explosion Weekend!

This Thursday CHUO 89.1 FM is putting on a fundraising auction at Club Saw. We have donated 2 passes to OTTAWA EXPLOSION WEEKEND. Be there to get a chance at snatching up a couple of passes to the festival for a fraction of the price with all the proceeds going to an awesome community radio station!

More info here:

Friday, February 1, 2013

March 2nd: Steve Adamyk Band & Sonic Avenues!



STEVE ADAMYK BAND (Ottawa, ON) 11:15 pm

This is the 3rd lp from this amazing band. If you've been following them from the start you know what to expect: powerful punk with catchy melodies. Not reinventing the wheel but definitely making it faster and smoother.

SONIC AVENUES (Montreal, QC) 10:30 pm

Sonic Avenues may be from Montreal but they are an Ottawa band at heart. Brothers in arms with the Steve Adamyk Band, the two have toured Europe together twice and share a member. They released the incredible Television Youth lp on Dirtnap last year.

followed by NIGHT MOVES with DJ Pat Johnson!

317 BANK ST.
DOORS AT 9 PM. $8.

Poster by Curtis Delaney (

Thursday, January 31, 2013

NEW SWEARS "See You in Hull" video!

NEW SWEARS have just posted a video for "See You In Hull" that will be on their Bruised Tongue tape that is coming out in March. Their video for "Paradise" showed some wild destruction filmed in one take at the Fun Boy Club House. 

This video has them ripping around all over the city with a soundtrack about heading across the river for booze after the Beer Store has shut down.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ottawa Sucks Vol. 1!

Jo from Germ Attak/Blue Cross/Iron Dogs/etc is putting on a great festival in April called Ottawa Sucks Vol.1.

doom (uk)
proxy (montreal)
schizophasia (2019 a.d.)
asile (ottawa)
trioxin 245 (ottawa)
pregnancy scares (ottawa)

diskonected (montreal)
hassler (toronto)
pissheads (richmond,va)
napalm raid (halifax)
life chain (halifax)
thee nodes (montreal)
upheaval of outcasts (ottawa)

systematik (vancouver)
voicemail (ottawa)
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*there will be day time events,after parties,all sorts of surprises.
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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

March 7th & 8th: Back to Back Bash!

Ottawa Explosion and Bruised Tongue presents...



COLD WARPS (Halifax, NS)

Pure pop for now people.


BRUISED TONGUE tape release show!




SOLIDS (Montreal, QC) 

750 Gladstone Ave.
9 pm over by 11 pm.

Shows are $8 each or pick-up a ticket for both shows for $10!
Tickets available SOON in LIMITED amounts!