Monday, December 3, 2012

Upcoming shows!


Bruised Tongue presents...

Double tape release for Boyhood and Grime Kings!

Boyhood (Ottawa)

Boyhood plays slow, mellow, garagey indie rock perfect for just lying on the floor with your head beside the speakers. A cool change from the three-chord powerpop goofiness that seems to be the rage among many Ottawa groups. Not to say that there's anything wrong with three-chord powerpop goofiness!

CROSSS (Hamilton/Halifax)

Craft Singles chief exec Andy March puts his best flower power foot forward on this scorched denim vest jambone. Anglofied undulations linger in the myst of heart-shaped hooks and the algebraic pterodactyl armed stick work of a Haligonian stalwart, which is all just an ostentatious way of saying that these songs totally rock.
- Jesse Locke,

Grime Kings (Belleville)

Throw everything you like in a blender and out comes the grimy medley of greatness that is the Grime Kings. High schoolers from Belleville making better sounds than you ever dreamed you could. Their new tape will be coming out this night so make sure you grab a copy!


Bruised Tongue's Craig and Pierre will be spinning jams all night as well, so bring your earplugs.



Ottawa Explosion presents...

DIG IT UP (Montreal, QC)

Apocalypse dude(tte)s playing whiskey drenched punk.


Formerly known as Landslider, these guys play catchy pop-punk.


One-man party!

147 Flora Apt 2


Doors at 8 pm.
Robots Everywhere! 8:30 pm.
Carraway 9:15 pm.
Dig It Up 10:00 pm.


Holy Cobras
Their first return since leaving this town in their dust! If you don't know, now you know.

Organ Eyes
Bruised Tongue threw their song "Reading Tea" on the Afterburners comp this year, first song. Blown away we released their EP, much more to come. Come see them in the flesh.


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