Tuesday, March 19, 2013


OTTAWA EXPLOSION WEEKEND 2013 is happening June 20th to 23rd!

OTTAWA EXPLOSION WEEKEND 2013 is happening on June 19th to 23rd 2013!

We'll be doing multiple shows every night and will be having Saturday and Sunday day shows! Bracelets are only $60!

Here's the first 75 or so bands that we are announcing! They are from all over North American and we even have our first bands from outside of the continent playing this year. The line-up is subject to change so  expect to see more bands added to the list as time goes on so keep checking back!

ALASKAN (Ottawa, ON) http://alaskan.bandcamp.com

ASILE (Ottawa, ON) http://www.purevolume.com/ASILE94858 

ASTRAL GUNK (Sackville, NB) http://astralgunk.bandcamp.com

ATTENTION! (Toronto, ON) http://42069.org 

AVERAGE TIMES (Ottawa, ON) http://averagetimes.bandcamp.com

BABYSITTER (Victoria, BC) http://babysitter.bandcamp.com 

BIG DICK (Ottawa, ON) http://big-dick.bandcamp.com 

BIIPIIGWAN (Ottawa, ON) http://biipiigwan.bandcamp.com 

BLACK TOWER (Ottawa, ON) http://blacktowergates.blogspot.ca/ 

BOYHOOD (Ottawa, ON) http://boyhoodsongs.bandcamp.com

CAMP RADIO (Ottawa, ON) http://campradio.bandcamp.com

CHIT CHAT (Detroit, MI) http://chitchatband.bandcamp.com/ 

CHLOROFORM (Ottawa, ON) http://chloroforming.bandcamp.com

CORPORATE GHOST (Oklahoma City, OK) https://soundcloud.com/corporateghost 

THE CREEPS (Ottawa, ON) http://thecreeps.bandcamp.com

CRUSADES (Ottawa, ON) http://crusades.ca 

DEAD WEIGHTS (Ottawa, ON) http://deadweights.bandcamp.com/

DEECRACKS (Klagenfurt, Austria) http://deecracks.bandcamp.com

DIG IT UP (Montreal, QC) http://digitup.bandcamp.com/

DIRECT HIT! (Milwaukee, WI) http://directhit.bandcamp.com

DUMB TALK (Beekman, NY) http://dumbtalk.bandcamp.com

FERAL TRASH (Moncton, NB) https://www.facebook.com/FeralTrash

FOUR-STROKE (Ottawa, ON) http://www.myspace.com/fourstroke

GRIME KINGS (Belleville, ON) http://somethingugly.bandcamp.com

HOLY COBRAS (Montreal, QC) http://www.myspace.com/holycobras

THE ISOTOPES (Vancouver, BC) http://theisotopes.bandcamp.com

JETTY BOYS (Sheboygan, WI) http://jettyboys.bandcamp.com

THE KIDNAPPERS (Hamburg, GER) http://www.reverbnation.com/thekidnappers

KINGDOM SHORE (Ottawa, ON) http://kingdomshore.bandcamp.com/ 

KLOVENHOOFS (Ottawa, ON) http://klovenhoofs.bandcamp.com

LE KRAKEN (Montreal, ON) http://lekraken.bandcamp.com

KREMLIN (Toronto, ON) http://kremlinpunk.bandcamp.com

THE MANDATES (Calgary, AB) http://mandates.bandcamp.com

MANNEQUIN (Ottawa/Montreal) http://www.myspace.com/mannequintown

METAL FEATHERS (Portland, ME) http://metalfeathers.bandcamp.com

MILANKU (Montreal) http://milanku.bandcamp.com

MOTHER’S CHILDREN (Ottawa, ON) http://motherschildren.bandcamp.com

THE MOUTHBREATHERS (Sackville. NB) http://themouthbreathers.bandcamp.com

NEEDLES//PINS (VANCOUVER, BC) http://needlesxpins.bandcamp.com

NERVOSAS (Columbus, OH) http://nervosas.bandcamp.com

NEW SWEARS (Ottawa, ON) http://newswears.bandcamp.com

NOISE HOUNDS (Sackville, NB) http://noisehounds.bandcamp.com

NUDE BEACH (Brooklyn, NY) http://nudebeach.bandcamp.com

ORGAN EYES (Ottawa, ON) http://bruisedtongue.bandcamp.com/album/multibody

PANIC ATTACK (Quebec City, QC) http://panicattack.bandcamp.com

THE PINK NOISE (Montreal, QC) http://www.myspace.com/thepinknoise2

PREVENGE (Montreal, QC) https://www.facebook.com/prevengemtl

PRIMITIVE HEARTS (Oakland, CA) http://primitivehearts.bandcamp.com

THE RAGING NATHANS (Dayton, OH) http://radgirlfriendrecords.bandcamp.com

ROBERTA BONDAR (Ottawa, ON) http://www.robertabondarband.com

ROBOTS EVERYWHERE! (Ottawa, ON) http://everywhererobots.tumblr.com

SILVER DAPPLE (Montreal, QC) http://silverdapple.bandcamp.com

SOLIDS (Montreal, QC) http://solids.bandcamp.com

SONIC AVENUES (Montreal, QC) http://sonicavenues.bandcamp.com

THE SOUPCANS (Toronto, ON) http://thesoupcans.bandcamp.com

STAY HERE (Ottawa/Toronto) https://www.facebook.com/stayhereband

STEVE ADAMYK BAND (Ottawa, ON) http://steveadamykband.com

STRANGE ATTRACTOR (Sudbury, ON) http://strangeattractor.bandcamp.com

STRAIT As (Minneapolis MN) - http://thestraitas.bandcamp.com

SUGAR STEMS (Milwaukee, WI) http://sugarstems.bandcamp.com

SWARM OF SPHERES (Ottawa, ON) http://swarmofspheres.bandcamp.com

SWOLLEN EYES (Ottawa, ON) http://theswolleneyes.bandcamp.com

TEENANGER (Toronto, ON) http://teenangerrr.bandcamp.com

THALIDOMY KIDS (Moncton, NB) http://thalidomykids.bandcamp.com

THEE NODES (Montreal, QC) http://theenodes.bandcamp.com

THE TOUGH SHITS (Philadelphia, PA) https://soundcloud.com/thetoughshits

TYVEK (Detroit, MI) http://tyvek.bandcamp.com

ULTRATHIN (Montreal, QC) http://ultrathin.bandcamp.com

VACATION (Cincinatti, OH) http://vacation.bandcamp.com

VALLEY BOYS (Toronto, ON) http://vboys666.bandcamp.com


WHITE PAGES (Cambridge, MA) http://whitepages.bandcamp.com

WYLDLIFE (New York City, NY) http://wyldlife.bandcamp.com

YELLOWTEETH (Sackville, NB) http://yellow-teeth.bandcamp.com

THE YIPS (Ottawa, ON) http://yips613.bandcamp.com

Shows will be happening at Club Saw, Mugshots, Mavericks, Dekcuf, Avant-Garde Bar & more!

BRACELETS: $60 gets you access to all of the shows happening over the 5 days of the festival!

We'll be putting up more information soon so keep checking back!

We'll have a sweet deal for you to stay at the Ottawa Jail Hostel which is literally right in the middle of the action. You'll be a five minute walk from pretty much everything!

Buy bracelets: http://bit.ly/BUYOXW2013
facebook event: http://bit.ly/oxw2013
instagram: @ottawaexplosion

If you have any questions or comments or want to give us a bunch of money,  email us ottawaexplosion@gmail.com


SARAH said...
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SARAH said...

Pretty sure the link for !ATTENTION! is wrong. Should be this: http://www.myspace.com/attentionpp

Anonymous said...

Will there be another comedy show this year? The people you brought last year were amazing, and I would definitely force my friends to come out if you do another one.

Unknown said...

Thank you for all the info! Do you know if War labels in Ottawa will be there? I can't find anything on them but I would love to know if they are going!