Monday, June 11, 2012

OXW: Pass pick-up and party!

OTTAWA EXPLOSION WEEKEND officially starts on Wednesday!
You bought your weekend pass and you can't wait for the shows to start because you want to start partying now!?!? We've got a party for you!!!

DIRTY DONNY (a.k.a. the guy who made our amazing pizza logo) came all the way from San Francisco to party with us in his hometown. On Tuesday night he'll be spinning some tunes along side THEE DAVEY a.k.a. Male Nurse (a.k.a. the maniac who is going to be playing 5 sets during Ottawa Explosion Weekend) at Oz Cafe on Elgin Street.

If you haven't bought your weekend pass yet you will be able to buy one here WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. If you've already bought your pass you can bring in your ticket or online proof of purchase and we'll hook you up with your bracelet! Picking up your bracelet early means you'll be able to get in to your first show much more quickly! Bands too! Come and pick up your bracelets and make it easier on yourself!

If you can't pick-up your pass Tuesday, you'll be able to pick up your pass at CLUB SAW on Wednesday between 7 pm and 11 pm, Thursday between  7 pm and 11 pm or Friday between 5 pm and 11 pm. If you're in a band you'll be able to pick up your pass at Club Saw or at the venue you're playing at 1 hour before the doors open. Before that, it will be at Club Saw.

You can find the schedule for all the shows here:
Follow us on Facebook and Twitter (#OXW) if you're into that stuff and post "I'm gonna explode @ottawaexplosion #OXW" for a chance to win one of four OXW prize packs!

All of you who aren't buying passes and who want to get into one or two specific shows, show up early. People who have passes will have priority to enter when doors first open. Depending on the capacity of venue we will have a limited amount of spots. Showing up early gives you a better chance at getting one of those spots. 

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