Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Needles//Pins - 12:34 LP stream!

You can stream NEEDLES//PINS brand new lp 12:34 HERE and then head over HERE to buy it.

You can catch NEEDLES//PINS on Saturday June 16th with MEAN JEANS and a bunch of other amazing bands at Mavericks/Dekcuf during Ottawa Explosion Weekend! More info HERE!


PowerPopJesus said...

I'm not sure what's in the water in Sudbury, but there has to be something mental in there. With bands like Statues, Strange Attractor & Needles/Pins I tend to believe that there must be an underground systems that runs from the River Thames. This LP is so frickin' insanely good it blows my mind!

PowerPopJesus said...

ok so like I was misinformed, lol, it's like when I went to Casablanco for the water, so their a Vancouver band. I guess the underground water system runs to 'Couver" also, cuz Statues & Strange Arractor still kick it!