Friday, January 20, 2012


Friday January 20th 2012

Bruised Knees
(ex-Creeping Nobodies, Toronto)

Yet another face-melting insertion within the Scotch Tapes and Young Guv lathe series. Two slabs of soylent plastic were necessary to capture the wikked vibrations emerging from Toronto’s Bruised Knees. Eerie, synthetic mellowtones are sandwiched between cultic clamor and shattering shimmer, spinning psychedelic sinusoids around our sonic horizon. The Huckleberry influence runs deep within the wincing metal and triplic drummery; thud, thud, thud, thud, burn burn burn burn. What else lay dorment in Guv’s lair? Grip before the patina groweth.

(ex-Creeping Nobodies, Toronto)

Karaoke do not play Karaoke. They probably wouldn't if you asked. Living and rehearsing in possibly half-haunted buildings has taught them the value of 'living in the now'. Loop-heavy at times, composed of various density, songs hurtle or halt at will, poltergeist-like, or, perhaps, trance-enducing. Karaoke wish to visit you. They will love your basements as much as your colliseums. Invitations to the dance are rarely turned down, though, the dance may be spastic, and on their own terms. All this and more is what Karaoke promise. They put it forth, before you. It is yours to behold. Take it with you, let it possess you, as it might... Karaoke is two. Karaoke is many. Karaoke is a force that they, themselves, can't comprehend. Can you

Caymans (Flourescent Friends, Thames, Clinton Machine)

Future heavyweights, Ottawa's own Joni Sadler and Blake Hargreaves form into a dual pillar of magic sounds to take your mind out of this universe. Know them before the rest of the world.

Raw Sugar
AA / 8PM / $6

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