Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ottawa Explosion Weekend 2012!

OTTAWA EXPLOSION WEEKEND is happening again!

OTTAWA EXPLOSION WEEKEND 2012 will taking place JUNE 13th to 17th.

Last year, 40+ bands and 1 stand-up comedian performed in 3 days. There were some amazing sets from local favorites as well as bands from Montreal, Sudbury,Moncton and Halifax and even as far as Nashville and Austin play at various venues including bars, record stores, basements and even a laundromat.

This year is going to be even crazier!

Book the days off work now. Thank us later.

Here are some of the bands coming from out of town...

Dog Day (Halifax, NS) http://fundog.bandcamp.com/
The Famines (Edmonton, AB/Montreal, QC) http://thefamines.ca
First Base (Toronto, ON) http://firstbase.bandcamp.com/
Hollywood (Baltimore, MD) http://hollywoodbaltimore.tumblr.com/
Iron Chic (Long Island, NY) http://www.ironchic.net
The Isotopes (Vancouver, BC) http://theisotopes.bandcamp.com
Lipstick Homicide (Iowa City, Ia) http://lipstickhomicide.bandcamp.com/
Low Culture (Las Cruces, NM) http://dirtcultrecords.bandcamp.com/album/low-culture-demo
Mean Jeans (Portland, OR) http://https://www.facebook.com/themeanjeans
The Men (Brooklyn, NY) http://wearethemen.blogspot.com
Metz (Toronto, ON) http://metz.bandcamp.com/
Naughty Girls (Montreal, QC) http://naughtygirls.bandcamp.com/
Needles//Pins (Vancouver, BC) http://needlesxpins.tumblr.com/
Nervosas (Columbus, OH) http://nervosas.bandcamp.com
Night Birds (New Jersey/New York City) http://nightbirds.oknoway.com/
Slobs (Montreal, QC) http://slobs.bandcamp.com/
Statues (Sudbury, ON) http://mindyourkeepers.wordpress.com/
Strange Attractor (Sudbury, ON) http://www.myspace.com/onestrangeattractor

Expect a lot more to be announced later including all of the amazing bands who are from our fine city

Web: http://www.ottawaexplosion.com/
Email: ottawaexplosion@gmail.com
Twitter: @ottawaexplosion #OXW

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