Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Thursday Dec 22nd

Finish What You Started presents:

"a night of short and sweet chaotic hardcore from your six new favourite bands. freak the hell outta your parents and buy a bunch of there records to give to your little bro or sis on x-mas."

BOMBED OUT! (raw punk! bananarchy! rare appearance!)

ASILE (d-beat destruction!)

SHOT NERVES (hardcore for the ponx)

PREGNANCY SCARES (snotty chaotic hardcore)

MOTIVATOR (fast melodic hardcore)

ROUGH HOUSE (new band! first show!)

December 22nd @ The Montgomery Legion (330 Kent St.)

8pm. All ages/I.D. to drink. THIS IS A FUNDRAISER FOR THE OTTAWA FOOD BANK! ONLY $3 with two or more canned food items, or $5 without.

Respect the venue!! No bags allowed inside, but you're welcome to leave them at the door near us. No beverages (soda and water included) are allowed to leave the basement. No hanging out in the BACK or ON THE SIDE because it could lead to noise complaints from neighbours which could lead to the show being shut down. HANGOUT IN THE FRONT or go for a walk between bands. Remember to respect the staff, other patrons and folks attending other events at the Legion, each other, and the space. But most importantly have fun! Let's keep this awesome space going! *********************************************************************

Friday December 23rd

Holy Shit!

A live show at Babylon! Bands don't have to finish at 11pm! on a Friday Night! On a very rad night to have a show as well.

On Xmas weekend, do your duty and ensure that you are in your finest form for your family and relatives by getting the weekend off to a damn good start.

(will get you dancing)

(don't get out to often)

(members/ex.members of every band in this city)

DJ Skid Vicious will also be spinning.

317 Bank St.
$5. 10 pm.

Friday December 23rd

Happy herp-idays, come out for a blast of frenzied tunes and partying with two bands on December 23rd at 558 Gladstone.

XXXMAS (Christmas-core garage fuckers)


JON CREEDEN (A bearded man)

Donations accepted (1-3 bucks)
BYOB, pleeeease respect the house, no drinking out front on the sidewalk, and assholes stay at home.

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