Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Upcoming Ottawa Explosion Shows!

Things have been a little crazy around Ottawa Explosion HQ. The end of the summer ends up being quite busy but we are back in effect! We have 2 great shows that we've just announced!

Thursday September 22nd 2011

CHEVEU (Paris, France)

"In a genre where the word 'angular' is used with alarming frequency, Cheveu's take on post-punk is obtuse in the best possible sense. When not setting fire to pop-rap or psychosexual film dialog, these frenetic Frenchmen take their sonic and spiritual cues from all sorts of musical pranksters: fellow countrymen and proto-industrial noiseniks Metal Urbain, British New Wave chuckleheads bIG fLAME and Family Fodder, and even good ol' American Captain Beefheart. Calling Cheveu eccentric only scratches their idiosyncratic surface."


Rolf and Pat from the Acorn with Adam Saikaley churning out some wild dance/noise freak-outs.


Dark pop for dark people. Split tape out on Bruised Tongue.

Cafe Dekcuf
221 Rideau St

9:30 pm. $6


Friday October 14th 2011


Nasty. Dirty. Weird. Punk. Hide your girlfriend's mom.

ZEBRASSIERES (Record release!)

Nice. Clean. Weird. Pop. Hide your energy dome.


Jangly. Dangly. Wangly. Rock. Hide your valuables.

Cafe Dekcuf
221 Rideau St.

10 pm. $6.

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