Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Germ Attak: 2005 - 2011.

Last Saturday Ottawa lost yet another punk band. GERM ATTAK called it quits after 6 years of putting out records and touring the globe. Here's Jo's reasons why GERM ATTAK is breaking up:
1: while some old bands may be good live,their new records are terrible. thats why weve decided to quit while ahead. 
2: when simon left the band in december 2010,we decided to break up.we just had to do a tour to support our new record. 
3: will hates playing drums.rick isnt a bass player:hes a guitar player.and i have no motivation to do anything in life anymore. 
4: we have done everything there is to do.we have 10 records and have toured almost all over the world. we have done more than any other ottawa punk band has ever done. 
5: time to move on. stagnation is a killer. 
6: not much people are interested in real punk.most punks like crust,retro american hc,d-beat,grind,pop punk ..no one gets it. 
Here's the brand new video for "Face The Reaper" from their Fear Of The Unknown LP.
 You can check out their discography HERE and download most of it HERE.

Jo does a lot of studio projects you as well. Check out IRON DOGS, PEACH KELLI PUNK, BLUE CROSS and many more.