Sunday, July 3, 2011

White Lung, Nu Sensae & Pregnancy Scares!

Ottawa Explosion presents...

Tuesday July 5th 2011

White Lung (Vancouver)

Mix the punk venom of some of the more notorious riot grrrl bands of the 90’s with the guitar noodling and tempo of UK post punk by way of John Reis and you get something pretty close to WHITE LUNG.

Nu Sensae (Vancouver)

Simultaneously active in Vancouver's noise rock scene and its seedy crust punk underbelly, Nü Sensae bridge the gap with a sonically bludgeoning bass-and-drum attack. With TV, Death and the Devil, the duo successfully abridged their simple set-up to a cohesive album with a newfound appreciation for dynamics. Strengthened by softer sections, rare moments of singing and relatively longer ideas (two songs break the three-minute mark), the album pushed Nü Sensae forward without sacrificing any of the maniacal, sludgy riffing or doom-laden lyrics that made them so endearing.

Pregnancy Scares (Ottawa)

Pregnancy Scares was so insane that I got kicked in the groin by the lead singer and someone spilled a drink on me.
This was some crazy house show punk style

Doors at 9 pm. Bands at 9:30.

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