Sunday, July 3, 2011

Centretown Recording Alliance

The Centretown Recording Alliance is a group of local musicians featuring members of The Allrights, The Mnemonics, The Johnnies, etc. etc. etc.  These tireless people are constantly starting new bands or one-off projects to keep themselves entertained.

In January, they created a recording challenge where everyone had a month to come up with a recording of some sort. The results can be found on the CENTRETOWN RECORDS bandcamp page.

Just in time for Canada Day there was a new challenge set for the CRA: Record a cover of a Canadian song. The results were interesting and you can hear them HERE.

My original top picks were the songs done by VAGLAB, D$MONEY feat. LOSERGEEK and LOSERSWEEPERS take on Concrete Blondes' "Joey" which was then disqualified due to the fact that Concrete Blonde is in no way shape or form a Canadian band. This bumped up JOHNNY JUMP-UP & THE ALL-WRONGS into the Top 3!

Thanks for the good times!


Anonymous said...

Pretty sure Concrete Blonde is Canadian

Anonymous said...

That's Platinum Blonde, you crazy Canuck!