Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Wednesday July 20th 2011

The Dominion Tavern & Off The Beaten Track present:

White Mystery (Chicago, Illinois)

"If you're a fan of stripped down garage rock, loud drums, and/or redheads, meet your perfect match. White Mystery is the two-piece brother/sister duo of Alex and Francis White. Alex is best known as the guitar rockin' front women of Miss Alex White and the Red Orchestra, but with her latest venture with brother Francis, she strips it down to a guitar and heavy-handed drum garage rock sound."​temysteryband/

ManneQuin (Ottawa, Ontario)

They just rocked the Ottawa Explosion, come and see 'em knock another set out of their Death Rock Sloop. It's sort of sloppy, sometimes sugary, and a sense of the macabre for a twist.​nequintown

Rational Animals (Rochester, NY)

Raging hardcore punk on Katorga Works Records.

$6.00 at the door, 10 PM at the Dominion Tavern, 33 York St. (in the Byward Market)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Upcoming Shows!

Tonight there's an all ages hardcore punk show.

Finish What You Started, and some other idiots bring you:

COMMON ENEMY (beer, zombies, skate, fucking party thrash from Reading, PA)​monenemy

NAUGHTY GIRLS (snotty hardcore punk from Montreal)​ghtygirlsmtl

SPITFIST (ex I Hate Sally and Oh The Humanity from Toronto)​tfistspitfistspitfist

NO PROBLEM (Deranged Records, fucking awesome band. See this month's Maximum Rocknroll.)​roblempunx/

SHOT NERVES (sea shanties and nursery rhymes, ex. The Sweet Janes)

CAVITIES (New Ottawa punk rock band: ex GERM ATTAK, PICKED ON, PRISONS, etc. These comparisons are meaningless, but I already typed it, and there's no website or anything, so I had to put something...)

Friday July 15th. Doors @ 7pm.
Montgomery Legion-330 Kent St. Downstairs.

All ages (I.D. to drink), all welcome. $7-10 sliding donation for touring bands. Bags must be left at the door/or home. Respect the venue, each other, and have fun. Support independent DIY hardcore and punk!

Saturday night THE CREEPS are playing their lp release show. You won't be getting
any new tracks but "Lakeside Cabin" is finally getting the vinyl treatment!

Saturday July 16th

The Creeps (LP release show!)

Old Wives (Edmonton)

The Weekend Kids (Edmonton)

Male Nurse Band

Cafe Dekcuf // 9pm // $5 // 19+

On Monday there's a basement show happening...

The Ghostwrite (Pittsburgh) is on tour with Jon Creeden (of dead weights, supporting his solo act). We are throwing together a show to support The Ghostwrite. Dead Weights will be playing a set to support our friends. Leading the night will be Ottawa's own fresh-off-bluesfest CURRENTS, and we will also be supported by a ROBOTS EVERYWHERE! set.

It's going to be a kickass basement show.

The basement is 452 Gladstone.
Respect the space or we won't be doing shows there again. The cover is PWYC with a suggested donation of $5. Don't have $5? Scrounge up something and we'll still thank you for it. Bring your friends. Show them some good bands. Make it a night to remember.

I'm posting the tentative doors for 7 PM, please check back and see if this changes. I will make announcements as well.

Ottawa post-punk, in the vein of small brown bike. Think hot water music meets planes mistaken for stars.

Creeden will be home from tour briefly for this show, so encourage him to play semi-barefoot. Again. We will be playing our brand of pop-punk and complaining about assholes.

A long way from home, on tour, playing a unique style of acoustic, folk, electronica, punk, etc. will be a really unique and memorable set from THE GHOSTWRITE. Please come out to support this man.

A man, his guitar, and often a drum machine. You will have fun. Just believe in... robots everywhere! Perfect party tunes by your new best friend phil.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mannequin "Black Out" Video!

Check out MANNEQUIN's video for their song "Black Out" from their split tape with Knifemare out on Bruised Tongue Records.

Don't miss them at the Dominion Tavern on July 20th with Chicago's WHITE MYSTERY!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Here's some videos from recent shows in Ottawa.

6.30 Pregnancy Scares & White Wires in Brad's apartment.

Click "read more" for more videos!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

July Shows!

There are a lot of shows that are going down this month!

7.08 Garaga & The Mnemonics at Irene's. 10 pm.

7.12 John Wesley Coleman (Austin, Tx. Goner Records.) & Rayon Beach (Austin, Tx. Hozac Records) at The Dom. 10 pm/$6.

7.15 Common Enemy, Naughty Girls, Spitfist & Shot Nerves at 443 Kent. AA. 7 pm.

7.16 The Creeps, Old Wives, The Weekend Kids & Male Nurse Band at Dekcuf. 9 pm/$5.

7.20 White Mystery & Mannequin at The Dom. 10 pm/$6

7.22 Point Break, Sabertooth, The Donner Party, Asile, Benevenstanciano & Nightmare//Reality at The Legion.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Centretown Recording Alliance

The Centretown Recording Alliance is a group of local musicians featuring members of The Allrights, The Mnemonics, The Johnnies, etc. etc. etc.  These tireless people are constantly starting new bands or one-off projects to keep themselves entertained.

In January, they created a recording challenge where everyone had a month to come up with a recording of some sort. The results can be found on the CENTRETOWN RECORDS bandcamp page.

Just in time for Canada Day there was a new challenge set for the CRA: Record a cover of a Canadian song. The results were interesting and you can hear them HERE.

My original top picks were the songs done by VAGLAB, D$MONEY feat. LOSERGEEK and LOSERSWEEPERS take on Concrete Blondes' "Joey" which was then disqualified due to the fact that Concrete Blonde is in no way shape or form a Canadian band. This bumped up JOHNNY JUMP-UP & THE ALL-WRONGS into the Top 3!

Thanks for the good times!

White Lung, Nu Sensae & Pregnancy Scares!

Ottawa Explosion presents...

Tuesday July 5th 2011

White Lung (Vancouver)

Mix the punk venom of some of the more notorious riot grrrl bands of the 90’s with the guitar noodling and tempo of UK post punk by way of John Reis and you get something pretty close to WHITE LUNG.

Nu Sensae (Vancouver)

Simultaneously active in Vancouver's noise rock scene and its seedy crust punk underbelly, Nü Sensae bridge the gap with a sonically bludgeoning bass-and-drum attack. With TV, Death and the Devil, the duo successfully abridged their simple set-up to a cohesive album with a newfound appreciation for dynamics. Strengthened by softer sections, rare moments of singing and relatively longer ideas (two songs break the three-minute mark), the album pushed Nü Sensae forward without sacrificing any of the maniacal, sludgy riffing or doom-laden lyrics that made them so endearing.

Pregnancy Scares (Ottawa)

Pregnancy Scares was so insane that I got kicked in the groin by the lead singer and someone spilled a drink on me.
This was some crazy house show punk style

Doors at 9 pm. Bands at 9:30.