Sunday, June 26, 2011

The White Wires - "I Remember You" Live!

I was able to catch The White Wires play at Fever Fest this Saturday.
It was a fun outdoor show in a tent in a parking lot.
They played a new song called "I Remember You" and the recording I made is a bit rough but the song is insanely catchy nonetheless. Can't wait for them to put out another record!

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Ian - the White Wires said...

I've had a lot of comments about the WW's ripping off the Ramones. The WW's built our sound on nods and knockoffs, but not plagarism...there's a huge difference. If you compare the WW and Ramones songs "I'll Remember You", the melodies are completely different. Change the words of the choruses in "both" songs to "1,2,3,4,5...6,7" and tell me it sounds exactly the same.

We imitate and attempt to immitate the Ramones (amongst many others) in all kinds of ways...using a line out of a classic Ramones chorus is the acknowledgment.