Sunday, June 26, 2011

Upcoming Shows!

Here are a couple shows happening in the next couple of days. We aren't putting these shows on but we want to spread the word!


"Come fucking party with friends, an amazing band from Montreal, and some of your Ottawa favorites. I'm excited to play with some of MY favourite bands, and partying in a basement is the fucking cherry on top.

The basement is 452 Gladstone.

Respect the space or we won't be doing shows there again. The cover is PWYC with a suggested donation of $5. Don't have $5? Scrounge up something and we'll still thank you for it. Bring your friends. Show them some good bands. Make it a night to remember. Kick off the summer right!

I'm posting the tentative doors for 7 PM, please check back and see if this changes. I will make announcements as well.

Laureate (Montreal)

Combing some melodic post-hardcore/emo & pop punk are Montreal's Laureate. Reminiscent of their influences ranging from Samiam & Seaweed to Saves the Day & Jawbreaker. They have notable vocal hooks which will sooth any pop sweet tooth and fans of early 2000 'emo rock' circa Brandston, JEW, TBS, etc. Get their demo free on their bandcamp and see for yourself.

Dead Weights

Playing catchy punk rock with themes of sardonic discontent for your peers, government towns, life, cops, and politics. Sounding sometimes reminiscent of Jawbreaker, Leatherface, Dillinger Four, and other bands that you should probably listen to instead. Features ex and current members of CATCH OF THE DAY, WOOKA TRIBE, I REFUSE, and JON CREEDEN.

The debut 7" EP (Sick of Deja Vu) is currently being mastered and there may be updates before this show:


This band is too fucking good. Think of all the reasons you like punk rock, basement shows, and hanging out with good friends. This is basically what I think of when I casually drift off into daydreams about how fucking awesome this band is on a daily basis. Comprised of ex members of Ottawa legends TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM and CRITICAL CONVICTIONS is a solid crew of guys playing fast, rowdy, and catchy punk rock the way it was meant to be played. Think of Dillinger Four and then think of every reason you've ever liked NO IDEA RECORDS.


A recent addition to Ottawa punk bills, but no strangers to our scene, are Motivator. Members from past and present groups Alaskan, Boar, Between the Broken, The Wishlist, Open Arms, etc. etc. You get the point. Listen to their recordings on bandcamp. They graciously posted lyrics on their tumblr so you can sing a long. You'll want to. They remind me of something between American Nightmare, Another Breath, MLIW, with a touch of Kid Dynamite. Your new favourite local hardcore band. They recently put out a cassette tape and probably have merch. Thank me later."


spectrasonic and present

NOBUNNY (Tucson garage/punk, Goner recs)

RAT TALES (mbrs of The Girlfriends/Polymorphines/Mistress, Ottawa garage/punk)

WOOKA TRIBE (Ottawa surf/punk)

Monday June 27 @ Babylon (317 Bank St.)
Licensed 19+ - 8pm doors - $8 advance + service charges

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