Sunday, June 19, 2011


A huge THANKS to everyone who came out to the shows! We really appreciate everyone coming out early to catch the opening bands and sticking around to catch every band. This weekend was the absolute best and We look forward to having another huge party next year.

A huge THANKS to all the bands who played. Most of the bands who played this weekend were local bands and they were ALL amazing. It is absolutely insane how great bands in this city are and we are very lucky to have them. The styles and genres differed widely but the quality never wavered. Mind blowing. Thanks to the out of town bands for traveling all the way here and killing it!

A huge THANKS to everyone who helped out behind the scenes, doing doors, selling merch, carrying/driving gear, etc. We couldn't have done it without you.

A huge THANKS to Yogi, Adam & co. (Babylon), Chris & co. (Mavericks), Darrin & co. (Vertigo), John & co. (Birdman) and Bill & co. (House) for providing spaces for us to play in. Mandi (Auntie Loo's) for cupcakes and treats and Yogi's buddies for BBQ-ing. Thanks for keeping me alive.

The weekend is over but there are always great things happening in this city. We can always be having this much fun. You can hear about the shows we're doing by checking out this site or by "like"-ing our Facebook page.

I talk WAY too much so I'll end it here!


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