Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jeff The Brotherhood, Uncle Bad Touch & Peach Kelli Pop!

Ottawa Explosion presents...

Jeff The Brotherhood (Nashville, TN)

Jake and Jamin Orrall, aka JEFF The Brotherhood, are seen by many to be latter-day pioneers of the Nashville rock scene, but they see themselves as brothers who can't remember not playing music together for fun. Their family-owned, vinyl-centered record label, Infinity Cat Recordings, has been a pillar of support for Nashville bands since 2002 (with 60 releases to date) and was named "Nashville's Best Record Label 2010" by the Nashville Scene. But their first love has always been the Brotherhood known as JEFF.
Known for their relentless touring and their "we'll play anywhere" mentality, they have built a reputation for stripping rock music down to it's basics, and delivering mind-bending live shows with Jamin's three drums and three cymbals and Jake's three-string guitar and ferocious vocals. JEFF The Brotherhood's work ethic practically defines D.I.Y., from their simple but compelling videos to their self-produced and critically acclaimed albums, EP's and singles.

Uncle Bad Touch (Montreal, QC)

Mikey from Priestess with his girlfriend, Kathryn, and their drummer-friend, Shawn spent two weeks in the summer jamming and recording in Mikey's kitchen. As they finished each song, they put them up on myspace, facebook and posted to Stillepost. There was an amazing reaction to their, fuzzy, catchy, hooky tunes recorded on Garageband. They spent the rest of the summer playing sweaty loft parties and bbqs and are now poised to be one of the new breakout bands from Montreal this coming year. Their super lo-fi, fun, fuzzy, garagy sound and loveable live show is infectious. Mikey and Kathryn are such a cool, loveable couple to see up front and center. Already darlings of the Montreal scene, they're now getting attention from usa labels, bloggers, press,etc..

Peach Kelli Pop (Ottawa, ON

Peach Kelli Pop is the solo project by White Wires drummer Allie Hanlon, who released her debut self-titled LP of lo-fi summertime lovey-dovey pop jams last year on Going Gaga Records (and now reissued by Infinity Cat). Maybe the world up and decided that they weren’t too cool for fun pop songs after all. Whatever it is, if this development keeps bringing us bands like Peach Kelli Pop, we should all be grateful.

Doors at 9 pm.


Spencer said...

I was somewhat interested, then saw that the video posted was called U Got The Look, so I thought it was a Prince cover, so I got really stoked, but then it wasnt, and it wasnt bad, but Im now disappointed.

Skid Vicious said...

Ha ha! Sorry Spencer!

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