Thursday, May 26, 2011


Thursday May 26th 2011

Ottawa Explosion! presents...


Jeremy Gluck, the lead singer and pop mastermind of 80s UK surf pop sensations, THE BARRACUDAS is on tour and bringing you endless summer fun!!!

Jeremy was born in Ottawa and moved to London, England in the late 70s to form the BARRACUDAS, who are now internationally adored power pop legends. For his first tour in North America in over 20 years, he has assembled an all-STAR, all-OTTAWA line up, featuring members of MOTHER'S CHILDREN, ZEBRASSIERES, and SECRET LOVES.


Mega-sweet/ultra-tough glam-tinged punk from Atlanta, GA. Features members of Gentleman Jesse & His Men. LP coming soon on Douchemaster Records.


They talk tough, but everyone knows they're sweethearts. White hot off the release of their new 12". Termbo sez: "Absolutely bursting with exuberant hooks, liberal sprinklings of glitter and power-pop with some actual power."

10 pm.

Pick up the new copy of STANDARD ISSUE while you're at it!

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