Sunday, April 17, 2011

Puker Nation Zine!

I've been picking up as many issues of this zine as I can. I usually pick them up at Vertigo but they're usually available at a few other locations. PUKER NATION is a fun zine done by a young gal in high school. I love the enthusiasm dripping off every page and the fact that a handwritten zine is done in this day and age by someone who grew up in the age of the computer. Most people don't even bother to put forward anything tactile anymore and just take it for granted that people will know about certain books, bands or whatever or can just search it out on the internet. PUKER NATION writes about these things with great enthusiasm and excitement and it's very refreshing to read. It's great to know there are people keeping the spirit of excitement and d.i.y. alive. PUKER NATION does however have an online presence and you can check out the blog which will also link you to digital versions of all of the issues if you can't seem to find any of the physical copies.


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