Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Bands!

So I've recently added a bunch of links to bands in the "bands" section of this site. I also sadly added (r.i.p.) next to more than a few names as well.

One of the new bands I've added are RAT TALES. This is the new band from the maniacs from THE GIRLFRIENDS who played their last show ever on Saturday. It picks up where they left and I'm curious to see where they take it. They're playing on April 30th with a band from Boston called GIRLFRIENDS because those kids are geniuses like that. It's also the eviction party for the apartment they're playing in. I once saw an epic display of partying go down in this apartment last summer and I'm sure this will be no different/crazier.

Another band involves some shameless self-promotion on my behalf. PREGNANCY SCARES recently put out a demo tape a couple of weeks ago. You can hear a couple of songs by clicking HERE. We're playing this Friday with a bunch of great bands for GERM ATTAK's lp release show!

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