Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bored To Death!

This Friday February 11th get prepared for another explosive edition of BORED TO DEATH!


New band featuring Ian and Ilona from the SUPPOSITORIES, and Dave from DIRTY TRICKS & The LONERS. Bad ass minimal punk done very very very well. They played their first show in December with White Wires, and they're still picking up pieces of brains all over Babylon's floor. (cuz they blew everyone's minds.)


Noise pop duo featuring Mat from CRAZY OCEAN, WAX ATTIC, NERVOUS SYSTEM and Jesse from SAVAGE CRIMES. Haunting and hyptonic, dark and dreary goth pop.

Doors are at TEN.

Admission is THREE dollars.

Labbatt 50s and Black Labels are FOUR dollars.

DJs Ken, Mike, Ian, and Daniel will be there as always, spinning impossibly amazing records.

Download the latest Bored To Death mixtape FREE here!

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