Sunday, October 17, 2010

Two great shows back to back!

Capital Distraction presents...

TY SEGALL (San Francisco)

"San Francisco psych wunderkind Ty Segall continues a tireless musical assault on ears and minds with his third album, Melted. Segall says it sounds like "cherry cola, Sno-Cones and taffy." Indeed! Over the past two years he's released records more often than most people do laundry, but somehow there is still a heap of anticipation for this new album on Goner packed full of truly psychedelic pop songs with great vocals and exciting arrangements.

On the heels of two critically acclaimed solo albums, Segall holed up in a basement studio with Mike Donovan of the SicAlps in late 2009 and early 2010 to come up with Melted. It's a carefree yet precise balance of acoustic and electric elements. Distorted echo and thunder mix together with enough clean guitar lines and addictive choruses to deliver an album that recalls the '60s without sounding like anything created during that decade. Time melts away, vision melts away, minds melt away. Get Melted! " -Panache

SO COW (Tuam, Ireland)

So Cow is the ongoing musical project of a young Tuam gentleman, Brian Kelly. 2009 saw him release his first LP in the US, a compilation of his own self-released work, on Chicago's Tic Tac Totally Records. So Cow has been described in some quarters as Swell Maps meets Abba, with a live show based around rousing choral moments, guitar insanity and occasionally upsetting self-injury.
Half way through 09’, So Cow have paid visits to Scotland (Fence Homegame Festival), France, Canada and the US. Bills have been shared with Tyvek, Love Is All and Girls. Past supports have included Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, Dan Deacon and Maximo Park. The 2nd So Cow LP Meaningless Friendly is set for release in February 2010. A run of 7” singles will precede the next album on various labels in the US.


"Since early Stooges-worshiping, tape-only releases, Toronto, ON garage dudes and ladies Teenanger have been making some of the best sloppy, endearing, throwback rock'n'roll in a town full of sloppy, endearing, throwback rock'n'roll ― no small feat. With Give Me Pink, however, the band have managed to step into a sound they can comfortably call their own while still wearing their influences proudly on their jean jackets. "Alone On Acid" kicks things off with a high-power, minimal riff and a simple beat before the song starts spitting out heavily reverberated vocals with a full-force instrumental backing. It's apparent that a lot of thought has gone into getting each sound just right; from the straight-outta-1970 vocal treatment to the vintage guitar and bass tones, everything on Give Me Pink serves to perfect a mood and attitude that the band are able to build on with each of these 12 songs. From the New York Dolls-esque bluesy rock of "Red Hand Station" to the Tarantino soundtrack standout in waiting, "The Ballad of Robert McNamara," Teenanger have managed to pull together an exciting, vibrant collection of vintage garage rock that sounds as relevant today as it would have 40 years ago." -Exclaim


"Psych-punks from the capital of Canada, which is actually Ottawa, not Toronto or Montreal, you dumb American hillbillies. "He Is Rubber, Not Real" is torn from the Wooden Shjips songbook. "Age of Reptile" and "Mama Jihad" are bubbling with weird synth oscialltions and gurgles and outsounds and make me think of outre Detroit skronk, like Human Eye or something, but not as punk. Or rock. Or good. Not bad though. Three more cuts on Side 2, recorded by Choyce in Montreal. Spaceship-synth overload with tribal beatings, singer sounds a bit like Hot Rod Todd. "Drugstore" is The Distraction reading a PK Dick novel. These guys have a bunch of tapes out and a single upcoming on Telephone Explosion." - Terminal Boredom




317 Bank St

9 pm. $6


JEFF The Brotherhood -

Real life brothers, Jake and Jamin, also known as JEFF The Brotherhood will finally be in the national capital. Their 2009 album Heavy Days hit high on the campus charts and with good reason. Their pop garage grunge sound is infectious. Just try to get Bone Jamm outta of yer head after one listen.

Mannequin -

Psychotropic Garage Goth Burnouts bring the analogue drum machine and sweet sweet harmonies. Altered state of mind a plus.

Mouth -

If you havent caught on to what these boys & girl are doing you probably dont know anything about the Ottawa music scene anymore. All the right kinds of trash and treble.

Tuesday October 19th

JEFF The Brotherhood

10 pm. $6

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Dagger Eyes

I haven't posted anything new on this in a long time. To anyone who actually checks this. I'm sorry. But to make it up to you, I present you with this.
A month ago I posted about the SUPPOSITORIES last show that was happening at Bored To Death.

THE DAGGER EYES are the new band forming out of 1/2 of SUPPOSITORIES. That half being comprised of Ian (bass/vocals) and Ilona (guitar). I clicked on a link to their myspace page and clicked on the first song not really knowing what to expect. Holy shit! I was immediately pummeled by a blast of punk fury. Somewhat similar to the approach that SUPPOSITORIES were going for but THE DAGGER EYES turn it up a few notches till the knob broke off or exploded. Straight-forward and simple but way faster, more exciting and more intense.

RAYGUN starts with 4 drum hits then the guitars come running out of the gate playing one chord. That's all that was needed. Ian's vocals kick in delivered in his high pitched voice that sounds like he's being chocked by some invisible hand. They throw in some electronic sounds and manipulations on the vocals that are a nice touch. A minute and twenty-two seconds of punk perfection.

With the second song, VAMPIRE, I am getting a very late 70's/early 80's Orange County vibe from it. Totally dark and vicious like getting chased into a dark alley by a razor-wielding psycho. Another really straight-forward and simple song with a spoken verse then the chorus blasts in "I SANK MY TEETH INTO YOUR FLESH!"

I'm really liking these songs a lot. These two songs pressed onto vinyl would make a killer debut single. I am VERY curious to see what else they have up their sleeves but for now these two songs will do. Definitely looking forward to seeing them live.