Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Peach Kelli Pop LP out now!!!



You may know Allie as the drummer of the White you will know her as PEACH KELLI POP!

Ottawa strikes again!!!!!!!!!!!

Going Gaga Records is humbled and honoured to present to you

limited to 500 copies in full colour jackets

"Some people call her Peach, some people call her Kelli, her real name is Allie, and she’s obviously on top of the pops!  Peach Kelli Pop is the name of Allie’s solo project…100% written and recorded by this young phenom!  and by 100% I mean it!  Allie plays every single track on these recordings!  Pop to the max, short catchy songs, mid-tempo, just the right amount of reverb, and unforgettable hooks!  A feel good sound throughout…no downers, just happy rollers start to finish, you’ll be singing these songs in your head after one listen.  A totally fresh take on recording here…you gotta hear it.  Allie just records it and mixes it to the way she likes.  No parameters, no guidelines, no standard operating procedures, just straight up intuition of a punk kid.  The result is a fantastically real sound!  You need to have this record…you all know the significance of the “first”.  Watchout!"

Going Gaga Records

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Capital Distraction presents...


BAD VIBRATIONS are a band who I have trouble describing. I know exactly what signifiers I'd like to use but it's just that "indie rock" and "grunge" have terrible connotations these days. This trio plays upbeat driving music in the vein of SEBADOH, ERIC'S TRIP and even some Sub Pop-era NIRVANA. They absolutely killed it when they played here in ...May and I know many people are looking forward to seeing them again.


MANNEQUIN are a new duo featuring Mat Oxley of TOTAL CRUSH, CRAZY OCEAN, WAX ATTIC & NERVOUS SYSTEM as well as Jesse from NERVOUS SYSTEM, SAVAGE CRIMES & SWEET JANES. They are playing drum machine accompanied space pop.



360-B Elgin St.

10 pm. Pay What You Can.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Suppositories (R.I.P.)

SUPPOSITORIES are unfortunately calling it quits. There is already a new project in the works featuring Ian and Ilona which I'm sure we'll be hearing more about in the near future. I'm just happy that I'll be able to see the SUPPOSITORIES play one last time. They absolutely killed it at GAGA WEEKEND III and haven't played since then.

They are playing at BORED TO DEATH with a new Montreal band called GENITAL HOSPITAL.
THE SUPPOSITORIES are one of the truest forms of punk to have ever graced Ottawa. There is no doubt their sludgy, hard-hitting minimalism would have been on all the Killed By Death, Smash The State and Bloodstains comps, if they existed 30 years ago. And now, unfortunately, they've hit the red button and this is their LAST SHOW!

GENITAL HOSPITAL are a new, soon to be huge, buncha punks from Montreal that share members of DEMON'S CLAWS and CONFUSERS. Their songs are grimey as fuck and loaded with hooks that dig deep. When they release their record, they will be your new favorite band!

As always, beers are cheap as fuck for a Friday night.. if you hate good music, come drink $4 Labbatt 50 & Black Label.

Needles drop at 10pm.

$4 for 2 bands and 3 DJs! "They even do punk pricing, oh geez I love these guys!"

Incase, you don't know much about BORED TO DEATH. BORED TO DEATH is a monthly DJ night/band showcase that plays all your new wicked punk and powerpop favorites (that you have heard from the FREE "SWIPE THIS TAPE" COMPILATION!.. duh).

You can also now download SWIPE THIS TAPE VOL.1 here:

BORED TO DEATH happens in the basement of RITUAL NIGHTCLUB. (137 Besserer St @ Dalhousie)

Also join the BORED TO DEATH facebook group to get invited to future events as well as downloadable links to future free compilations we do.
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