Wednesday, July 14, 2010



TILTWHEEL (Escondido, California)

Tiltwheel are a punk rock institution. They've been at it for years and are still going strong since it's a love for music, friends and fun that motivates them and not the quest for popularity and fame. Catchy punk rock that comes straight from the heart.

YEAR ZERO (Ottawa)

Year Zero are one of the greatest Ottawa bands going right now. Powerful punk with great hooks, great riffs and great vocal melodies. A band that is getting people back into punk rock and reminding others why they love it so much. They are on tour with Tiltwheel and will definitely put on a great show for the hometown crowd.

BARRIER (Montreal/Ottawa)

Barrier are unfortunately coming to an end. With members spread out among several cities and playing in several bands it looks like they aren't going to be able to pull it off anymore. This will be one of your last chances to see this great band perform. Their current lineup has been their best and is churning out some great punk with a touch of hardcore intensity that will put a smile on your face while you pump your fist in the air.

Saturday July 17th 2010.


317 Bank St.

10 pm

Please join the CAPITAL DISTRACTION group.

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