Wednesday, July 7, 2010


MOTHER'S CHILDREN have been laying low and working hard for a while now. They took an almost half a year break from playing shows while they worked on writing and recording their first LP. After seeing them live a couple of times recently it is plain to see that they've been working hard. Their first LP is called "That's Who!" and is out now courtesy of punk rock/hardcore powerhouse label DERANGED RECORDS. They may seem out of place on this label but if you consider the fact that they've released records for TRANZMITORS, STATUES & THE BAYONETTES - MOTHER'S CHILDREN fit right in.

The record is 11 songs that are a great mix of glam, power pop and catchy rock & roll/punk. MOTHER'S CHILDREN watch SLADE & RASPBERRIES lose a razor fight with THE BOYS & EDDIE AND THE HOT RODS in an alley then they all head to the bar for a drink together.

You can pick your very own copy of this future classic at BORED TO DEATH at RITUAL. Half of the members of MOTHER'S CHILDREN are DJ's at this monthly punk rock party. You'll hear some rare punk rock records that you won't hear anyone else spun by some true afficionados. 

You can find out what you're in store for by downloading the BORED TO DEATH - SWIPE THIS TAPE! Vol. 1 mixtape they were giving away at GAGA WEEKEND III. You'll also witness a live set by MOTHER'S CHILDREN! The show costs a measly $3 and bring a few more bucks to pick up a copy of the LP.

Check out the music video they filmed for their song "What'll Happen To All The Girls?"


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