Wednesday, July 7, 2010

MALE NURSE - a song a day for half a year.

MALE NURSE has been writing and recording a song a day since January 1st 2010 and plans to do so till the end of the year. He recently hit the halfway point and has offered up a free download of a 15 song retrospective to commemorate the occasion.

You can download it HERE.
"Male Nurse - Song A Day For The First Half Of The Year
Tracks hand picked by me for you. It’s chronological, starting from January. I hope I didn’t leave any out that you wanted. If you want a particular song just ask for it and i’ll send it to you; for now here’s a comp to download for free!
01 - the good shepherd
02 - stop n’ chat
03 - so beautiful
04 - becoming a mechanical man
05 - get the fuck out of my house now
06 - other men
07 - nervous before the robbery
08 - party in the usa (miley cyrus)
09 - i want him so
10 - the ballad of daniel collins
11 - so beautiful part 2
12 - celery man
13 - the springtime of their love
14 - first day of summer (screeching weasel)
15 - you belong to me (the jerk)

That’s it! Pass it on please. Tell people about this blog. Enjoy the fruits of my labour!"

You can check out the rest of the songs HERE.

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