Wednesday, July 28, 2010


CRUSADES is a new band in Ottawa. They played their first show at the GAGA WEEKEND 3 and are going to be playing their second show this Friday opening for RED DONS. This show will also serve as a release party for their 7" on SCARED TO DEATH Records.

Here's a little description of the band that appeared in the program for GGW3.

CRUSADES is based on a primary concern: creating a new vehicle for old ideas - most importantly a vehicle decidedly more accessible than those typically employed for these ideas. Drawing from philosophies espoused by such visionaries as Integrity, Gorgoroth, LaVey, Pale Creation, Ulver, DeGrimston, Emperor, etc., Crusades is something of an aural wolf in sheep's clothing, if you will.
You can hear the song "Dreamers" on the SCARED TO DEATH page.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Germ Attak - "Siege" Music Video.

Here's a video for the song "Siege" from GERM ATTAK's DEATH TO COPS 7".

Video shot by Paul Galipeau.

The DEATH TO COPS 7" is a real rager and it comes free with issue #1 of WE ARE PRETENTIOUS ASSHOLES zine. The zine is done by Spencer from YOUNG STALIN and is about record collecting. Here's a little note from Spencer regarding the 7".
Let's discuss the Zine a bit more with a not so shameless plug. It comes with the latest Germ Attak 7", Death To Cops. Four tracks of that great Germ Attak sound, but all revolving around anti-cop themes. This was a split label effort. I did 100 copies with the zine, and then 3 other labels did 300. Jo's Capitalicide handled Canada, Loud Punk from the US, and Yellow Dog in Europe. A global effort for the group that recently toured Indonesia, Malaysia and Japn after several North American ventures and one in Europe. Each label had the same crazy cover art, done by Scott Benz, but all had their own variations.
It also features a few interesting first-hand accounts of record shopping and other record collecting stories and an interview with Pink Eyes of Fucked Up. Pick it up!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Creeps - Follow You Home 7"

THE CREEPS have just released their new 7" called FOLLOW  YOU HOME. It came out on IT'S ALIVE! records. Here's what IT'S ALIVE! had to say about the record:
The Creeps have been doing their thing for the better part of a decade now. They get better and better with each release. They've been ruling these past couple of years. Follow You Home is The Creeps' sound perfected! Incredible lead and backing vocals, bright and shiny guitar leads over driving rhythms, thick clean bass lines over precision drum beats... it's all there. It's hard to imagine them getting any better than this, but then again it has been and upward trend ever since their beginning. We're super excited to finally have a record out with these creeps!

These four songs rip really hard. 3 new songs plus a re-recorded version of their song from the OTTAWA GAGA compilation that came out last summer.  This band is unstoppable and keep getting better and better and people are really starting to take notice. They've recently opened up for THE RIVERDALES played INSUBORDINATION FEST last month. Pick it up from the label or from the band at their next show which is on Saturday August 7th with MARK SULTAN & BIG DICK at Babylon.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Red Dons - Fake Meets Failure!

Here's a free download of the new RED DONS lp "Fake Meets Failure" that is out on DERANGED and TAKEN BY SURPRISE records.


The '00s or whatever you wanna call the last decade are over, the results are in. Honorable independent publications and the ever growing "blogosphere" outdid themselves with Top 5, Top 10, and Top 100 lists of records that were issued in the last ten years. A common find among these lists was the seminal SO WHAT'S LEFT NOW? LP by Portland, Oregon's THE OBSERVERS released on VINYL WARNING in 2004. The dawn of a new decade is upon us and Doug Burns (Lead singer/songwriter/artist of THE OBSERVERS) has a new band, the RED DONS, featuring Daniel Hajji Husayn, Richard Joachim Preinesberger, and a rotating cast of characters including Justin Maurer (Clorox Girls), Will Kinser (Born/Dead), Zack Brooks (Soda Pop Kids), and Andy Foote (The Physical Challenge). Named after a group of Cambridge professors that operated as spies for the Soviet Union in WW2, the RED DONS continue where the OBSERVERS left off with added elements of Arabic themes in both the artwork and sound. After the much lauded release of their debut album and successfully touring the US, Canada, Europe, and Brazil, the RED DONS entered a Portland studio to record ten new tracks. On this new album FAKE MEETS FAILURE (DERANGED RECORDS / TAKEN BY SURPRISE RECORDS) due to be released in July 2010, the band successfully develops their unique style even further. Coded lyrics about vagabond characters moving back and forth between the lines of the current climate of fear and suspicion that has been brought upon the USA by the war on terror. Again, consistent songwriting and a great production make this record stand out among the current competition. Combining TSOL-like vocals, SoCal punk rage, and the defiant melancholy of Pacific Northwesterners like the WIPERS this powerful release rises above the stack of contemporaries that take on the early 80s punk sound. No retro fashion hype, no flavor of the month. When this year turns, be sure to find this LP in the leading spots of Top 5, Top 10 and Top 100 lists of 2010. This allbum will prove to be unsurpassed in the underground realm of indie, punk, hardcore, and the DIY Rock'N'Roll of today. Though members are now scattered across the globe, the RED DONS will tour the USA in July 2010 and set sail for Europe in the spring of 2010. So What's Left Now? A hell of an aftermath to hell of a followup record, and one great, fierce force of a touring machine known as RED DONS.

Free Download here!

Europeans order here!

Americans order here!

RED DONS Updates here!

Download it and get excited for their upcoming show on JULY 30th at Babylon.



RED DONS (Portland/Chicago)

RED DONS features Douglas Burns who was the front man of the incredible Portland punk band THE OBSERVERS. After their demise he teamed up with members of CLOROX GIRLS and others to form RED DONS who continued the trajectory of The Observers. Dark and mysterious with catchy hooks and captivating vocals. They have released a 7" and lp and their new 7" and lp just came out on DERANGED & TAKEN BY SURPRISE records. They are constantly touring and their live show is definitely one the best I've ever seen. Exciting and inspiring. Current line up features members of THE OBSERVERS, CLOROX GIRLS, BORN/DEAD, etc.


This is the 7" release show for CRUSADES. This is their second show. "CRUSADES is based on a primary concern: creating a new vehicle for old ideas - most importantly a vehicle decidedly more accessible than those typically employed for these ideas. Drawing from philosophies espoused by such visionaries as Integrity, Gorgoroth, LaVey, Pale Creation, Ulver, DeGrimston, Emperor, etc., Crusades is something of an aural wolf in sheep's clothing, if you will." Features members of THE CREEPS, THE VISITORS, SEDATIVES, STEVE ADAMYK BAND, PREGNANCY SCARES, YEAR ZERO, etc.


URANIUM COMEBACK play less than a handful of shows a year. It's been 2 years since they've formed and I can count the shows they've played on my hands. Perfectly-crafted intense power punk from a group of guys who have been doing it for years. Expect a record on GOING GAGA in the future which will make flip out and wish that this band played more than 3 times a year. Features members of MILLION DOLLAR MARXISTS, BIG DICK, SEDATIVES, BEACH BLANKETS, HOLY COBRAS, STEVE ADAMYK BAND, YEAR ZERO, etc.

FRIDAY JULY 30th 2010

RED DONS (Portland/Chicago. Deranged Records)
CRUSADES (Ottawa. 7" release.)
URANIUM COMEBACK (Ottawa. Rare live appearance.)

317 Bank St.

10 pm.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010



TILTWHEEL (Escondido, California)

Tiltwheel are a punk rock institution. They've been at it for years and are still going strong since it's a love for music, friends and fun that motivates them and not the quest for popularity and fame. Catchy punk rock that comes straight from the heart.

YEAR ZERO (Ottawa)

Year Zero are one of the greatest Ottawa bands going right now. Powerful punk with great hooks, great riffs and great vocal melodies. A band that is getting people back into punk rock and reminding others why they love it so much. They are on tour with Tiltwheel and will definitely put on a great show for the hometown crowd.

BARRIER (Montreal/Ottawa)

Barrier are unfortunately coming to an end. With members spread out among several cities and playing in several bands it looks like they aren't going to be able to pull it off anymore. This will be one of your last chances to see this great band perform. Their current lineup has been their best and is churning out some great punk with a touch of hardcore intensity that will put a smile on your face while you pump your fist in the air.

Saturday July 17th 2010.


317 Bank St.

10 pm

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


MOTHER'S CHILDREN have been laying low and working hard for a while now. They took an almost half a year break from playing shows while they worked on writing and recording their first LP. After seeing them live a couple of times recently it is plain to see that they've been working hard. Their first LP is called "That's Who!" and is out now courtesy of punk rock/hardcore powerhouse label DERANGED RECORDS. They may seem out of place on this label but if you consider the fact that they've released records for TRANZMITORS, STATUES & THE BAYONETTES - MOTHER'S CHILDREN fit right in.

The record is 11 songs that are a great mix of glam, power pop and catchy rock & roll/punk. MOTHER'S CHILDREN watch SLADE & RASPBERRIES lose a razor fight with THE BOYS & EDDIE AND THE HOT RODS in an alley then they all head to the bar for a drink together.

You can pick your very own copy of this future classic at BORED TO DEATH at RITUAL. Half of the members of MOTHER'S CHILDREN are DJ's at this monthly punk rock party. You'll hear some rare punk rock records that you won't hear anyone else spun by some true afficionados. 

You can find out what you're in store for by downloading the BORED TO DEATH - SWIPE THIS TAPE! Vol. 1 mixtape they were giving away at GAGA WEEKEND III. You'll also witness a live set by MOTHER'S CHILDREN! The show costs a measly $3 and bring a few more bucks to pick up a copy of the LP.

Check out the music video they filmed for their song "What'll Happen To All The Girls?"


MALE NURSE - a song a day for half a year.

MALE NURSE has been writing and recording a song a day since January 1st 2010 and plans to do so till the end of the year. He recently hit the halfway point and has offered up a free download of a 15 song retrospective to commemorate the occasion.

You can download it HERE.
"Male Nurse - Song A Day For The First Half Of The Year
Tracks hand picked by me for you. It’s chronological, starting from January. I hope I didn’t leave any out that you wanted. If you want a particular song just ask for it and i’ll send it to you; for now here’s a comp to download for free!
01 - the good shepherd
02 - stop n’ chat
03 - so beautiful
04 - becoming a mechanical man
05 - get the fuck out of my house now
06 - other men
07 - nervous before the robbery
08 - party in the usa (miley cyrus)
09 - i want him so
10 - the ballad of daniel collins
11 - so beautiful part 2
12 - celery man
13 - the springtime of their love
14 - first day of summer (screeching weasel)
15 - you belong to me (the jerk)

That’s it! Pass it on please. Tell people about this blog. Enjoy the fruits of my labour!"

You can check out the rest of the songs HERE.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

07.12 Hollows, Shakey Aches & Peach Kelli Pop!

Capital Distraction presents...

HOLLOWS (Chicago. Trouble In Mind Records.)

It's not everyday you get to see your new favorite band. That's what happened to me several months ago when I had the pleasure of seeing Hollows in Austin. Their self title debut LP sounds like disc 5 of One Kiss Can Lead to Another played on Barbarella's spaceship stereo. Garage-Girl-Group at it's absolute best. Do yourself a favor and come see your new favorite band.


These guys have only been around a few months and have already planted their roots deep in Ottawa's dirt. Frantic and heartfelt rock and roll. If you haven't seen them yet you've been missing out.


PKP's bubblegum pop will melt your heart into a puddle of goo... and you will beg for more! With a soon to be release album on Going Gaga, Allie and co are sure to be the stars of many a gooey teenage dream.

JULY 12 2010

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Monday, July 5, 2010


GROWN-UPS are from Calgary. They are a 3 piece who play punk with a bit of garage and hardcore sprinkled in there. Imagine if SUPERCHARGER was a hardcore band. I don't have to describe them to you because they've put up their entire recorded output for FREE download!

You can download their first tape HERE.

You can download their second tape HERE.

You can download their first 7" HERE.

Watch a music video that features a creepy E.T. costume!

Grown-Ups/We're Not Friends from suchluck on Vimeo.

Come see them play at ROCK & ROLL PIZZA PARTY on July 15th with YOUNG STALIN! 10 pm! PWYC!