Friday, June 18, 2010

GAGA WEEKEND 3 Wrap Up: Saturday!

Woke up. Grabbed some food and head over to Yogi's Meatlocker. Ben Jensen of STANDARD ISSUE fame was on fire and was cracking me up. Probably because I was still drunk and he was sober cause he's a dad.

THE SECRET LOVES sounded cool from outside. They covered THE SONICS "He's Waiting" but then lost me when they played a song called "Down With Pants." Way too goofy for my tastes. The first band I watched was THE JOLIETTES from Sudbury. They play perfect pop songs and their voices were so beautiful and soothing that it was like sliding into a hot bath. That hot bath quickly turned into a boiling infernal volcano when GERM ATTAK hit the stage. They absolutely slayed to a ridiculous degree. One song after another, no stops, death to cops, anger charged punk rock. So good. One of the highlights of course. Pick up their records. They have a lot including their new 7" which accompanies the WE ARE PRETENTIOUS ASSHOLES zine. THE WHITE WIRES played a typical set. Drunk, fun, funny, sloppy, happy. Everyone loves watching this band because the songs are so great and everyone loves to dance and bop along and have a good time. New songs are poppier than Flanders' fields. Can't wait for the new lp to come out. It's going to be somethin' else. CRUSADES played our first set. That was really fun. YEAR ZERO played next and were as great as usual. Cannot wait for that Year One record to come out. The cd version should be out soon and the lp will follow shortly. The tape was pretty good but the newer stuff on that record are mind blowing. Passionate, powerful, perfect. I was drunk at this point and need to take a serious break. Went back to the hotel and chilled out for a bit then grabbed some food then before I knew it it was time for the night show!!!!!

COLD WARPS opened and were pretty good. I had downloaded their tape several months ago and enjoyed it although to me it sounds like hardcore kids trying to play power pop. It comes out sounding good but not like what they intend it to be. I don't know. Long story short they play catchy punk with some hooks. Some lyrics are a bit cheesy but it's good in the end. Next up was STEVE ADAMYK BAND and playing this set was weird because the monitors were so damn loud. I thought I was going to go deaf. Super treble-y guitars and Davey's insanely high vocals. I didn't fuck up too much so hopefully it was a good set. THE WALNUT KIDS played next. These kids are wild. Two of them walked all the way from Montreal because no one would pick them up while they were hitch hiking. The bass player launched his bass in a bush to pick back up on their way home. They played WAY better than they did at their set at BORED TO DEATH a few months ago. This band is an anomaly. They write such good songs when they actually do write them but it seems like after 2 years of seeing them they barely have any new ones. Pick up the single on GOING GAGA to hear some quality power pop played by truly fucked up rock n' roll kids. SONIC AVENUES were up next and absolutely destroyed as expected. Fresh off a tour of the West Coast, these guys had their shit dialed. So catchy and precise and great. They probably could have played a song or two less since there was so many bands but it wasn't that big of a deal. STATUES were next. Sudbury's finest. These guys are truly the nicest and greatest people I've ever met and their band is great. These guys can party hard yet still hold it down on stage which is a skill. I can't say enough great things about this band. THE VISITORS had the daunting task of closing the entire weekend but if anyone could do it, it's them. It makes a lot of sense that they would end it all since they're so great and fun and everyone loves their band. The reigning kings and queen of ROCK & ROLL PIZZA PARTY! They were still in fine form after all of the practicing they did for their show opening for SCREECHING WEASEL and tore through a great set of songs from all their records. Their newest record was released this weekend so pick it up. It will blow your mind. Amazing artwork and even more amazing songs. By far the best thing they've done. Six instant classics.

I will update this later with pictures and crap and whatnot later. I gotta go.

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