Wednesday, June 16, 2010

GAGA WEEKEND 3 Wrap Up: Opening Night!

So the last two weeks have been absolutely insane. MESS FOLK,  THE FAMINES, BRUTAL KNIGHTS, WHITE LUNG, THE BIRTHDAY SUITS & THE BLIND SHAKE all traveled to Ottawa during the first week of June. The most insane of all was of course GAGA WEEKEND 3!

GGW3 was incredible and exceeded my high expectations. The turnouts were incredible and every band played way better than I've ever seen them play.

(Weekend pass bracelets pic by Pierre Richardson)

Thursday night started off with a bang. It was of course held at ROCK & ROLL PIZZA PARTY as usual except the night is now at NINE on Elgin St. I was honored to get to play in the first band of the weekend again this year. PREGNANCY SCARES opened with our version of THE WHITE WIRES' anthem "Girly Girly Girly" and then played as hard as we could for the rest of the set.
(PS video by Andrew Carver. GB pic by Pierre Richardson.)

Up next were GREED BROS who are basically GET A LIFE LOSERS minus the bass player and with a bit of a simpler, catchier and more straightforward sound. They played a quick 10 minutes which ended with a lot of gear getting smashed. Pretty intense ending for only the second band of the entire weekend.

(Creeps pic by Pierre Richardson)


THE CREEPS played an absolutely perfect set.  They played all the songs I wanted to hear one after another and killed it. A couple of new songs from their upcoming record on It's Alive! and a couple from These Walls and Lakeside Cabin and  they even dedicated a song to a couple from Winnipeg who spent their honeymoon at Gaga Weekend because they wanted to see The Creeps! Insane!

(UC pic by Pierre R.)


URANIUM COMEBACK played their fifth or sixth set ever and it was great as usual. I love this band so much it's not even funny. Songs I've only heard once sneak into my subconscious and resurge the next time I see them. So catchy, so perfect. Can't wait to see a record come out.

(HC pic by Cait Powers)

HOLY COBRAS have been playing out a lot recently and it shows. They're really tight and are an unstoppable force that is playing faster and harder than ever before. They played a couple of rippers off of the Make Pyramids tape as well as a bunch of their newer stuff that I'm loving.  They have a 7" coming out incredibly soon on Telephone Explosion. Hopefully it will be ready for their show with RED MASS on the 29th.

(Suppositories pic by Pierre R.)


SUPPOSITORIES closed off the first night. They completely killed it as usual and the crowd seemed really into it. The bar was insanely packed and everyone was drunk and happy and it was a great way to end off the first night of an weekend of insanity.

As you can see in that last picture Luca was filming the entire weekend for an upcoming documentary. The GAGA WEEKEND 2 DVD was released at this show. It is a 2 DVD box set with the first disk being the 45 minute documentary featuring live songs, interviews and shenanigans and the second disk being a full song from each of the bands who played GGW2. Pick one up from GOING GAGA RECORDS for a measly $10!
(Pizza! pic by Cait Powers)

Check out a bunch of pictures from the weekend by PIERRE RICHARDSON, CAIT POWERS, DAVID FORCIER & ANDREW CARVER.

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