Thursday, June 17, 2010

GAGA WEEKEND 3 Wrap Up: Friday Night!

I unfortunately had to work Friday morning but luckily I only had to work till 12! Went home and napped (kind of laid in a catatonic state for a little bit) then met up with some friends in the park and hung out. I scored a free hotel room for 2 nights at Les Suites which was conveniently located across the street. After a swim and some drinks we were ready to head over.

(A broken man looms above the city. Forcier pic.)

Monthly punk rock snob fest BORED TO DEATH was held upstairs this month for the occasion. It's usually in the basement on the second Friday of every month. Check it out. They were handing out free mixtapes so you can get a feel for where they're coming from if you aren't familiar.

(GF's by Pierre Richardson)

THE GIRLFRIENDS got things started in their particular fashion. They are getting better and better with time but I think they need to drop the songs where the drummer moves up to sing and it's just guitar and drums backing him. Ritually (pun intended?) drinking out of the shoe was pretty funny but I prefer good songs over antics.

(PKP by David Forcier.)

PEACH KELLI POP was up next. It was their first show with Mat Oxley on drums and I think he did a good job. Davey was fresh off the stage at Maverick's where he opened for Joey Cape/Tony Sly. He shredded those bass lines like they were cheese. Good catchy set as usual. Wondering when a record will finally see the light of day.

(FB by Andrew Carver)

FIRST BASE from Toronto were up next and played simple and catchy pop songs. I wasn't really paying attention to them since I was wandering around and hanging out with people but I do remember them playing a cover that I was into but can't remember what it was. No surprise there.

(MC by PR)


MOTHER'S CHILDREN played next and were great. One of the best power pop bands going these days. They have an lp coming out in the next few weeks and have already recorded another batch of songs. They have been working really hard lately and it shows. Can't wait to hear the lp!

(SA by DF)

STRANGE ATTRACTOR is Jeff from STATUES side project where he writes and records everything himself. The live band features the rest of STATUES and Eric from ULTRAVIOLENCE RAY. Great punk rock tunes ranging from catchy garage punk to raging destruction. I definitely was getting way too drunk at this point and was throwing beer bottles on stage and spitting beer on the band. Who the fuck am I, Sid Vicious? Definitely pick up the lp on Red Lounge or the split 10" with Red Mass if you get the chance.

(ZB by DF)

ZEBRASSIERES made their triumphant return to Ottawa with a record in their hands. Last summer this band quickly became one of the best local bands we had and they abruptly ended when Andrew and Sarah moved back to Calgary. They came back to hang out at GAGA WEEKEND and play a few shows in Toronto and Montreal to celebrate the release of their lp on GOING GAGA. Pick it up if you love fun, summer, Devo, partying and friends. If you don't love any or all of these things, you have a problem. Their set was perfect. They were covered in flour that flew everywhere every time they moved. It was great but I'm sad that that may be the last time I will ever see them.

(SA by AC)

 Hung out and danced to the tunes being spun by STEVE ADAMYK and pulled some more punx behavior and smashed beer bottles on the dance floor. Outside some douche wanted to fight people and was mouthing off until he found out I was staying at Les Suites which he deemed as being "pretty baller" and was reason enough for him to shut up and walk away. Went back to the hotel with a few people and lit some sparklers, hung out for a bit then was tucked into bed and everyone left. Apologies to those who deserve them.
 (17th floor sparklers by DF)


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