Friday, June 25, 2010

06.29 Red Mass, Holy Cobras & Siam Cat.

Capital Distraction presents...

RED MASS (Montreal)

The brainchild of Roy Vucino, aka Choyce (CPC Gangbangs, The Daylight Lovers, Les Sexareenos), Red Mass took shape in 2008 following the inevitable implosion of the volatile and legendary CPC Gangbangs.

Using Red Mass as a platform, Choyce and his collaborators are intent to pursue the ideals of free thinking, the use of chaos, sex-magik and liberation through art.

Now, Red Mass has opened itself to all with a sincere belief that it can offer young artists and outsiders alike a new haven. With a slew of singles, 10"s, EPs and experimental releases, Red Mass is ready to hit. Their psychedelic space rock 'n' roll and its elements of noise, folk, punk and electronic music is a culmination of 12 years of hard work. The dark poppy hooks, laced with other worldy sound effects, are at once an ode to the past, the music of today, and the shape of rock 'n' roll to come.


HOLY COBRAS are becoming an unstoppable force. After solidifying their lineup and recording several different times they're nailing their sound perfectly. They've just returned from playing the OBEY CONVENTION in Halifax as well as playing many out of town shows in recent months.

After a couple of cassette only releases in the last couple of years
Holy Cobras are finally releasing their first single. "Feed Yr Head b/w May You Be Free To Roam" is coming out on June 15th on Telephone Explosion records. You can hear the A-side here.

SIAM CAT (Toronto)

New band featuring Matt Cosgrove. Ex-Fucked Corpse, Nervous System, Savage Crimes, etc.



10 PM

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nobunny Loves You!

This Thursday June 24th NOBUNNY will be invading and destroying ROCK & ROLL PIZZA PARTY! This is NOBUNNY's third visit to Ottawa the first one being a couple years ago at RRPP with THE SMITH WESTERNS & DEMON'S CLAWS and the second being the infamous Polish Party Palace show with THE WHITE WIRES. Insanely catchy punk rock coming from the brain that wrote and performed songs for SNEAKY PINKS, THE OKMONIKS and HUNX & HIS PUNX to name a few. Always a wild live show full of sweat, smell and sex. Prepare Yourself.

THE NYMPHETS will be playing their first Ottawa show in a few years. They have recently relocated to Sweden and have put out a great new 7" on SIGNED BY FORCE records since the last time they've been here. Always a great live band, they've been known to throw in some pretty interesting covers including COCK SPARRER & BAD BRAINS which is an interested contrast/accompaniment to their originals. "These guys sound like BUDDY HOLLY would if he died in a rocket-ship crash instead of a plane crash." - Standard Issue.

THE STEVE ADAMYK BAND has released a 7" on P.TRASH and has another coming very soon from RED LOUNGE records from Germany. Steve is a jack of all punk trades and can write insanely catchy songs culling inspiration from many different facets of punk rock. Not reinventing the wheel but still giving you a smooth ride.

followed by ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY!!!!!!

10 PM

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Friday, June 18, 2010

GAGA WEEKEND 3 Wrap Up: Saturday!

Woke up. Grabbed some food and head over to Yogi's Meatlocker. Ben Jensen of STANDARD ISSUE fame was on fire and was cracking me up. Probably because I was still drunk and he was sober cause he's a dad.

THE SECRET LOVES sounded cool from outside. They covered THE SONICS "He's Waiting" but then lost me when they played a song called "Down With Pants." Way too goofy for my tastes. The first band I watched was THE JOLIETTES from Sudbury. They play perfect pop songs and their voices were so beautiful and soothing that it was like sliding into a hot bath. That hot bath quickly turned into a boiling infernal volcano when GERM ATTAK hit the stage. They absolutely slayed to a ridiculous degree. One song after another, no stops, death to cops, anger charged punk rock. So good. One of the highlights of course. Pick up their records. They have a lot including their new 7" which accompanies the WE ARE PRETENTIOUS ASSHOLES zine. THE WHITE WIRES played a typical set. Drunk, fun, funny, sloppy, happy. Everyone loves watching this band because the songs are so great and everyone loves to dance and bop along and have a good time. New songs are poppier than Flanders' fields. Can't wait for the new lp to come out. It's going to be somethin' else. CRUSADES played our first set. That was really fun. YEAR ZERO played next and were as great as usual. Cannot wait for that Year One record to come out. The cd version should be out soon and the lp will follow shortly. The tape was pretty good but the newer stuff on that record are mind blowing. Passionate, powerful, perfect. I was drunk at this point and need to take a serious break. Went back to the hotel and chilled out for a bit then grabbed some food then before I knew it it was time for the night show!!!!!

COLD WARPS opened and were pretty good. I had downloaded their tape several months ago and enjoyed it although to me it sounds like hardcore kids trying to play power pop. It comes out sounding good but not like what they intend it to be. I don't know. Long story short they play catchy punk with some hooks. Some lyrics are a bit cheesy but it's good in the end. Next up was STEVE ADAMYK BAND and playing this set was weird because the monitors were so damn loud. I thought I was going to go deaf. Super treble-y guitars and Davey's insanely high vocals. I didn't fuck up too much so hopefully it was a good set. THE WALNUT KIDS played next. These kids are wild. Two of them walked all the way from Montreal because no one would pick them up while they were hitch hiking. The bass player launched his bass in a bush to pick back up on their way home. They played WAY better than they did at their set at BORED TO DEATH a few months ago. This band is an anomaly. They write such good songs when they actually do write them but it seems like after 2 years of seeing them they barely have any new ones. Pick up the single on GOING GAGA to hear some quality power pop played by truly fucked up rock n' roll kids. SONIC AVENUES were up next and absolutely destroyed as expected. Fresh off a tour of the West Coast, these guys had their shit dialed. So catchy and precise and great. They probably could have played a song or two less since there was so many bands but it wasn't that big of a deal. STATUES were next. Sudbury's finest. These guys are truly the nicest and greatest people I've ever met and their band is great. These guys can party hard yet still hold it down on stage which is a skill. I can't say enough great things about this band. THE VISITORS had the daunting task of closing the entire weekend but if anyone could do it, it's them. It makes a lot of sense that they would end it all since they're so great and fun and everyone loves their band. The reigning kings and queen of ROCK & ROLL PIZZA PARTY! They were still in fine form after all of the practicing they did for their show opening for SCREECHING WEASEL and tore through a great set of songs from all their records. Their newest record was released this weekend so pick it up. It will blow your mind. Amazing artwork and even more amazing songs. By far the best thing they've done. Six instant classics.

I will update this later with pictures and crap and whatnot later. I gotta go.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

GAGA WEEKEND 3 Wrap Up: Friday Night!

I unfortunately had to work Friday morning but luckily I only had to work till 12! Went home and napped (kind of laid in a catatonic state for a little bit) then met up with some friends in the park and hung out. I scored a free hotel room for 2 nights at Les Suites which was conveniently located across the street. After a swim and some drinks we were ready to head over.

(A broken man looms above the city. Forcier pic.)

Monthly punk rock snob fest BORED TO DEATH was held upstairs this month for the occasion. It's usually in the basement on the second Friday of every month. Check it out. They were handing out free mixtapes so you can get a feel for where they're coming from if you aren't familiar.

(GF's by Pierre Richardson)

THE GIRLFRIENDS got things started in their particular fashion. They are getting better and better with time but I think they need to drop the songs where the drummer moves up to sing and it's just guitar and drums backing him. Ritually (pun intended?) drinking out of the shoe was pretty funny but I prefer good songs over antics.

(PKP by David Forcier.)

PEACH KELLI POP was up next. It was their first show with Mat Oxley on drums and I think he did a good job. Davey was fresh off the stage at Maverick's where he opened for Joey Cape/Tony Sly. He shredded those bass lines like they were cheese. Good catchy set as usual. Wondering when a record will finally see the light of day.

(FB by Andrew Carver)

FIRST BASE from Toronto were up next and played simple and catchy pop songs. I wasn't really paying attention to them since I was wandering around and hanging out with people but I do remember them playing a cover that I was into but can't remember what it was. No surprise there.

(MC by PR)


MOTHER'S CHILDREN played next and were great. One of the best power pop bands going these days. They have an lp coming out in the next few weeks and have already recorded another batch of songs. They have been working really hard lately and it shows. Can't wait to hear the lp!

(SA by DF)

STRANGE ATTRACTOR is Jeff from STATUES side project where he writes and records everything himself. The live band features the rest of STATUES and Eric from ULTRAVIOLENCE RAY. Great punk rock tunes ranging from catchy garage punk to raging destruction. I definitely was getting way too drunk at this point and was throwing beer bottles on stage and spitting beer on the band. Who the fuck am I, Sid Vicious? Definitely pick up the lp on Red Lounge or the split 10" with Red Mass if you get the chance.

(ZB by DF)

ZEBRASSIERES made their triumphant return to Ottawa with a record in their hands. Last summer this band quickly became one of the best local bands we had and they abruptly ended when Andrew and Sarah moved back to Calgary. They came back to hang out at GAGA WEEKEND and play a few shows in Toronto and Montreal to celebrate the release of their lp on GOING GAGA. Pick it up if you love fun, summer, Devo, partying and friends. If you don't love any or all of these things, you have a problem. Their set was perfect. They were covered in flour that flew everywhere every time they moved. It was great but I'm sad that that may be the last time I will ever see them.

(SA by AC)

 Hung out and danced to the tunes being spun by STEVE ADAMYK and pulled some more punx behavior and smashed beer bottles on the dance floor. Outside some douche wanted to fight people and was mouthing off until he found out I was staying at Les Suites which he deemed as being "pretty baller" and was reason enough for him to shut up and walk away. Went back to the hotel with a few people and lit some sparklers, hung out for a bit then was tucked into bed and everyone left. Apologies to those who deserve them.
 (17th floor sparklers by DF)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

GAGA WEEKEND 3 Wrap Up: Opening Night!

So the last two weeks have been absolutely insane. MESS FOLK,  THE FAMINES, BRUTAL KNIGHTS, WHITE LUNG, THE BIRTHDAY SUITS & THE BLIND SHAKE all traveled to Ottawa during the first week of June. The most insane of all was of course GAGA WEEKEND 3!

GGW3 was incredible and exceeded my high expectations. The turnouts were incredible and every band played way better than I've ever seen them play.

(Weekend pass bracelets pic by Pierre Richardson)

Thursday night started off with a bang. It was of course held at ROCK & ROLL PIZZA PARTY as usual except the night is now at NINE on Elgin St. I was honored to get to play in the first band of the weekend again this year. PREGNANCY SCARES opened with our version of THE WHITE WIRES' anthem "Girly Girly Girly" and then played as hard as we could for the rest of the set.
(PS video by Andrew Carver. GB pic by Pierre Richardson.)

Up next were GREED BROS who are basically GET A LIFE LOSERS minus the bass player and with a bit of a simpler, catchier and more straightforward sound. They played a quick 10 minutes which ended with a lot of gear getting smashed. Pretty intense ending for only the second band of the entire weekend.

(Creeps pic by Pierre Richardson)


THE CREEPS played an absolutely perfect set.  They played all the songs I wanted to hear one after another and killed it. A couple of new songs from their upcoming record on It's Alive! and a couple from These Walls and Lakeside Cabin and  they even dedicated a song to a couple from Winnipeg who spent their honeymoon at Gaga Weekend because they wanted to see The Creeps! Insane!

(UC pic by Pierre R.)


URANIUM COMEBACK played their fifth or sixth set ever and it was great as usual. I love this band so much it's not even funny. Songs I've only heard once sneak into my subconscious and resurge the next time I see them. So catchy, so perfect. Can't wait to see a record come out.

(HC pic by Cait Powers)

HOLY COBRAS have been playing out a lot recently and it shows. They're really tight and are an unstoppable force that is playing faster and harder than ever before. They played a couple of rippers off of the Make Pyramids tape as well as a bunch of their newer stuff that I'm loving.  They have a 7" coming out incredibly soon on Telephone Explosion. Hopefully it will be ready for their show with RED MASS on the 29th.

(Suppositories pic by Pierre R.)


SUPPOSITORIES closed off the first night. They completely killed it as usual and the crowd seemed really into it. The bar was insanely packed and everyone was drunk and happy and it was a great way to end off the first night of an weekend of insanity.

As you can see in that last picture Luca was filming the entire weekend for an upcoming documentary. The GAGA WEEKEND 2 DVD was released at this show. It is a 2 DVD box set with the first disk being the 45 minute documentary featuring live songs, interviews and shenanigans and the second disk being a full song from each of the bands who played GGW2. Pick one up from GOING GAGA RECORDS for a measly $10!
(Pizza! pic by Cait Powers)

Check out a bunch of pictures from the weekend by PIERRE RICHARDSON, CAIT POWERS, DAVID FORCIER & ANDREW CARVER.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Show Tonight!


THE BLIND SHAKE (Minneapolis)

They blew away everyone's expectations even though no one knew what to expect when they played here in January. A truly interesting band that you can't peg into a specific genre. A 3 piece with guitar, drums and a baritone guitar which gives them a unique sound that I really can't describe. You know how Blue Cheer cover of Summertime Blues makes the song heavy and psychedelic? The Blind Shake does that but they're covering a weird concoction of Devo, surf and garage and putting on an amazing show while doing it. Definitely not to be missed.


"Everytime Birthday Suits play a show, they effortlessly shred modern 'punk' music into visceral shavings that stick under your fingernails with such a magnetic and irresistable passion in their delivery, and you can bet it's topped with nothing less than 120% aggression and style. Their name doesn't allude that these guys play in the nude, but it wouldn't be a surprise to see some overwhelmed first-timers stripping down in front of the stage, either, so look out for one of the most frenetic performances you're likely to catch all year." - Victim Of Time

WHITE LUNG (Vancouver)

This four piece mixes up catchy late 70's punk rock with the anger and vitriol of the 90's Riot Grrrl/Kill Rock Stars scene think THE AVENGERS meets BIKINI KILL but with a twist of the "weird punk" thing that has been going on in Vancouver for the last couple of years. They've released two solid singles and have an lp on the way on DERANGED.


New local fast hardcore/punk. Short and to the point.

Sunday June 6th 2010

THE BLIND SHAKE (Minneapolis)
WHITE LUNG (Vancouver)

360-B Elgin St
9 pm/19+

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Strange Attractor - Nite Stalker video!

Another amazing video courtesy of STRANGE ATTRACTOR.

Don't miss STRANGE ATTRACTOR at GAGA WEEKEND III on Friday June 11th at Ritual.

Tonight: Mess Folk & Mouth at Babylon.

Capital Distraction & Boozedays present:

Tuesday June 1st 2010.

MESS FOLK (Sydney, Nova Scotia. Hozac Records.)

Have you ever BEEN to Sydney, Nova Scotia? Have you LIVED there your entire life? MESS FOLK is the product of having a twisted brain and being stuck inside the tar ponds your entire life. Recluse rock n' roll without a care in the world. READ an interview with MESS FOLK - HERE!

MOUTH (Ottawa)

MOUTH was originally based out of Kingston but they've recently relocated to Ottawa. They play upbeat garage rock with tons of hooks and energy. I'm really looking forward to seeing this band for the first time.

NEW WAVE NIGHTMARES is a monthly dj night which happens the first Tuesday of every month at Babylon as part of the weekly Boozedays happenings.



DJ's SKID VICIOUS & special guest SARAH FORD will be holding it down.

10 pm.
PWYC - Donations for bands encouraged.