Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Update.

Friday night I was Montreal-bound to go see THE WHITE WIRES, SONIC AVENUES, THE WALNUT KIDS, THE STEVE ADAMYK BAND & DIRTY WEDDING. Due to a highway closure and subsequent detour it took 5 HOURS to get to Montreal. Insanity. 2 hours in and we were only in Russel. Once we arrived at Friendship Cove the first two bands had already finished playing and THE WALNUT KIDS were about 5 songs deep into their set. The few songs I did catch sounded amazing. This is the first time I saw them with their new drummer and it seems to have kicked a fresh breath of life into these kids' lungs. They sounded really great, had a lot of energy and did a great VIBRATORS cover. This was the 7" release party for their new single "Can't Stand 'Em" on GOING GAGA records which I highly recommend you pick up. 3 catchy power punk tunes that are just perfect. Up next were SONIC AVENUES and they absolutely killed it. Fast paced, high energy set which consisted mostly of songs of their new lp on GOING GAGA which I also highly recommend. These guys are so efficient that they even played a brand new song as well! Up next were THE WHITE WIRES and they were as great as always. People in the crowd were flipping out, a lot of drunk young men getting their shirts removed, a wasted girl stage diving and a lot of crowd surfing. It was a pretty wild time. This show was definitely worth the 5 hour drive in the end so I can't complain.

Saturday night was THE CREEPS & THE MUGGINS reunion at Babylon. There was a really good crowd there with a lot of faces that were unfamiliar to me mostly due to the fact that I didn't live here in the early 2000's and that a lot of the people who came out to this show haven't been out to a punk show since the early 2000's. THE CREEPS  played a bunch of old songs which sounded really good and were much faster than their newer stuff. People in the crowd were flipping out while I watched contentedly. The second half of their set consisted of new songs so I was very happy. I cannot wait for their new record to come out. It is going to be insane. THE MUGGINS played next and they were a lot better than I thought they would be. They played total SCREECHING WEASEL type punk rock with great vocal harmonies and they even did a cover of "Then He Kissed Me" as well as a Ramones medley. My only complaint was that their set was too long but I guess they haven't played in so long and probably won't ever again so they wanted to get as much mileage out of their set as possible. All in all, a really fun night!

Check out Male Nurse's cover of THE CREEPS' "On & On" HERE!

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