Tuesday, March 23, 2010

SXSW part 7

The last day we spent in Austin was an interesting one to say the least. The Ottawa boys went to breakfast then Ian had to head to the airport to catch his flight home. He unfortunately ended up getting stranded in D.C. for the night which sucks. We hopped on a bus to get to South (?) Congress where there's a bunch of cool stores and whatnot. Right when we get on the bus, Luke sits down next to some crazy who starts saying shit like: "I'm going to stick you.......... I'm gonna take you on under the bridge and stab you........... I'm gonna kill someone. Make some money." Needless to say we got off the bus fairly quickly. Walked around check out some stores including the biggest and craziest antique store filled with so many blasts from the past. It was overwhelming. Stopped a restaurant for a seitan bbq sandwich thing that was pretty good as well as a beer and tomato juice drink that was pretty good.

Headed to the hotel to chill out for a bit but then room service came in so I was back out on the streets. Headed over to BEERLAND to meet up with Luke then we headed over to THE SIDE BAR to check out this band called JAILL who have a couple of the guys from THE GOODNIGHT LOVING in it. I guess the schedule got changed around because they weren't playing quite yet. It was an outdoor to stage which was pretty cool. Would have been better if the weather had been a bit nicer. Met up with our friend Mark and a couple of his friends from Portland. A band called A GIANT DOG that had the singer from BAD SPORTS playing drums was getting ready to play. Luke and I headed over to the bar to grab a drink. We switch things up a little and order vodka sodas. The bartender was a good dude and he heavy-handedly poured our drinks. This was the turning point of our story, folks. The drink was delicious, reasonably priced and after 2 of them we were already starting to feel it. A GIANT DOG were pretty good. Except the singer had terrible dance moves and looked like a "sexy treasure troll" which is either a compliment or an insult or both.

Tried to go back to BEERLAND to see JEFF THE BROTHERHOOD but there was already a line up of people probably since VIVIAN GIRLS were playing last that night. Headed back to THE SIDE BAR for more vodka sodas while we waited for JAILL to play. They ended up being a pretty good band. Kind of like THE GOODNIGHT LOVING but with less of a country feel. The songs all sounded pretty same-y though. After that checked out the LOVE cover band that was playing inside. They were really really good. During their set some dude decked out in a Canadian tuxedo with cowboy hat and boots who looked like Zach Galifianakis was doing rock kicks at the band. It was pretty funny. This was not the last we would see of him. Outside THE GOLDEN BOYS went on and were pretty cool. I guess they are an Austin band who rarely play or something. Cowboy Dude was high fiving everyone so I gave him tons of high fives and he even let me put on his cowboy hat. When he tried to get it back, I asked if I could wear it a bit more. When the band was done, I bolted. Not a cool move at all, stealing someone's hat, but it seemed funny at the time since I was wasted. We headed over to CASINO EL CAMINO because Luke is all about this place and needed to have one of their burgers. Place was pretty cool. Hung out wearing the cowboy hat. Played a round of BIG BUCK SAFARI and had some more drinks. Two hours went by and then we walked over to see if we could get into BEERLAND.

Once we hit the corner where RED RIVER (the street Beerland is on) and 7th (the street The Side Bar is on) some girl runs up to me screaming "THAT'S MY BOYFRIEND'S HAT!!!!!!" and rips it off my head. "No! It's mine! Some dude gave it to me!" "No it's not!" She walks away and gives it to Cowboy Dude, immediately frees me of any blame by telling him "someone gave it to him." Cowboy Dude walks up to me overjoyed at being reunited with his hat. "I remember your face!" he exclaims. "You're a good dude!" He remembers me because I had been very generous with my high fives earlier. He was so pumped to get his hat back. I was kind of bummed because that thing looked awesome on me but whatever. I don't have to feel guilty now. Got into BEERLAND and hung out outside getting even more unnecessarily wasted. Stumbled back to the motel eventually and vomited like there was no tomorrow.

But there was a tomorrow and that tomorrow started at 5 am or whatever time it was when we had to wake up to catch our plane. Gather all of my shit. Threw it in the cab. Cab driver was this weird 73 old man who told us tons of random stories involving encyclopedias, the Dewey Decimal System, some guy cut his girlfriend up to pieces, being the only house on the block with a television, etc. Got to the airport and things were insane! The line up to get through security was so long. It was snaking all over the airport. We got in line and waited. We finally got through and we had to sprint Home Alone style through the airport to get to our plane. We were pretty much the last people to board. Felt like hell. Vomited in the bathroom. Flew to New Jersey. Drove to Ottawa. That's it.


craig. said...

finally something worth reading after a week's worth of updates.

Johnny Chandelier said...

I remember your face! You're a good dude!

Erin said...

Yikes. The part about throwing up in the plane's bathroom sounds unpleasant.

... said...


The entire flight and drive home was fairly unpleasant.