Sunday, March 21, 2010

SXSW part 6

Yesterday was a top notch day. It all started off with a trip to drop off the rental car. We stopped at this awesome Food Trailer Park! It was just a big lot with several trailers selling food. I got a chili dog. We dropped off the car and then waited forever to get a cab. We headed over to check out SO COW at a small little place but the schedule was pushed back an hour. Walked to BEERLAND (obviously) and checked out SECTOR ZERO which is comprised of two of the guys that run GONER RECORDS and their friend on drums. They play short and fast punk songs that sounded like they were written 2 days before the show. It was pretty funny and entertaining. Walked across the street to watch THE BLIND SHAKE play outside of a Mexican restaurant. They were playing in front of only a couple people but they put on a good show nevertheless. Watched half their set  then headed back to check out SO COW but it turns out he canceled. So we headed back to BEERLAND to watch COCOMA rip it up for a few songs. They play with a lot of energy and are really tight. They make great us of backup vocals too. I definitely need to check out their records. Walked up to TRAILER SPACE RECORDS to watch finally get to see the elusive SO COW. I'm not familiar with his/their stuff at all but it was definitely one of the best sets of the fest. He even gave a shout out to The White Wires. Hoofed it over to CLUB 1808 to see BARRERACUDAS again then back to Trailer Space for HAPPY BIRTHDAY which is the new King Tuff band. Much like King Tuff I had trouble getting into it. BRIMSTONE HOWL were a last minute edition to the show and were awesome as well. A bunch of people had left already but those that stuck around were rewarded.

We then cabbed out to the other end of the city for the house show that THE WHITE WIRES were playing. BAD SPORTS were the first band we saw play. One of the guys in the band had won a contest that day. He won an old van filled with brand new music equipment! New drumset, guitars, amps, the works! Insane. They ripped it up hard and people were flipping out and getting rowdy like any good house show should be. Up next were SHANNON & THE CLAMS. When they first started the energy in the room kind of dropped but then they played a lot of their faster songs and even ended with a cover of HYBRID MOMENTS. It ruled. The show was being broadcasted live over the internet which is amazing. THE WHITE WIRES played next and the first song made it seem like it was going to be a disastrous set but they turned it around for the rest. They were really really great. People were dancing and singing a long and having a great time. I kept getting my fist jammed up by the ceiling fan. It was a blast! AUDACITY played next but I missed most of their set since I was hanging out outside. We then grabbed a cab and headed back to the hotel. This was definitely the most fun I had at on this trip.

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