Saturday, March 20, 2010

SXSW part 5

Once again, I start my day off at BEERLAND. I get there way too early and sit around waiting to see PREDATOR. Their "Honest Man" ep has been blowing me away as of late so I was very excited to see them. They play a mix of hardcore and punk with just enough weirdness to it to make it interesting.They played hard and fast despite playing at 1 pm in front of a really small crowd. TERRIBLE TWOS played next and were fairly forgettable. They aren't bad at all and I enjoyed them when they played RRPP a while back but they didn't really move me at all this time around. DAILY VOID from Chicago played next and were way better. Loud, noisy grating guitars with pulsating drums and disgusting vocals that punish your brain in your good way. Plus the singer kind of looks like GG ALLIN. EARTHMEN AND STRANGERS were next and were absolutely amazing. They followed three crazy punk bands and switched things up completely. They played very upbeat MISSION OF BURMA/WIPERS influenced stuff. They were super tight and awesome. Can't recommend this band enough. I will be ordering the lp right when I get home

After that I headed over to catch the TROUBLE IN MIND showcase. Finally saw THE WHITE WIRES play after missing their first two shows. The set start off pretty shaky wish isn't surprising considering they were borrowing all of the gear that they were using. They ended the set really strongly and had people singing along and dancing. THE HEX DISPENSERS played next and they were way better than they were yesterday. The sound was way better and they absolutely killed. It was also entertaining because there were two random dudes there who were kind of flanking the band that had me picturing them as two of the shittiest wrestlers of all time. The guy on the left was TERMINAL SOUND GUY with his ponytail, beard and single Mardi Gras beaded necklace. The guy on the right was BUSINESS TRIP MAN with his suit and his look which was a cross between DAVE COULIER and OGRE and he kept doing the "hang loose" hand gesture and staring closely at a guitar amp and at the drummer. I picked up a copy of the new MEAN JEANS single and I just realized that I should have picked up a bunch of copies for my dear friends who are probably getting bummed as they read this sentence. Sorry. Maybe The WW's picked up copies? I will try to rectify this situation tomorrow. High tailed it back to BEERLAND to watch THE SPITS play outside on the patio. A bunch of people were hanging out in the street watching as they tore through their set. You know who loves THE SPITS? Old skater dudes who grew up going to shows in the late 80's and do not give a fuck about you or anything else.

Went to a cool vegetarian restaurant with Brad and got vegan sloppy joes. Pretty good but more importantly filling. Then headed once again to BEERLAND for the IN THE RED showcase. I only hung out for a bit but had to take off because I realized I was completely burnt out on music. Luke headed over to see SO COW who apparently destroyed AND was wearing a WHITE WIRES t-shirt while doing it which is very cool while I finally ventured into the mess of SXSW on 6th street. The streets were filled with hipsters, douchebags, crust punks, peddlers, weirdos and regular people. A clusterfuck of people that you had to weave through. It reminded me of Mardi Gras in New Orleans but instead of seeing boobs everywhere you were hearing the sounds of mediocre bands trying to "make it" coming from every single bar. My legs got crazy tired so I headed back to the motel to chill out and watch stand up comedy on tv. I am a loser. I'm cool with that.


Skottie said...

"I just realized that I should have picked up a bunch of copies for my dear friends who are probably getting bummed as they read this sentence."


Mathieu Trudel said...

Great stories! Keep them coming!

I would never survive seeing that much bands and people that I just want to rip their heads off for 6 days straight!