Thursday, March 18, 2010

SXSW part 3

Woke up at around 10 am. Feeling fairly good  all things considered. Had a little EMERGEN-C and was ready to go. Went to some place for breakfast. It sucked. It took insanely long to get our food and it wasn't even that great. I don't know what the fuck was going on back there but they fucked up BIG TIME. Headed straight to BEERLAND to catch MICKEY. They played a cool set of 50's rock n' roll with punk rock attitude. Singer was very entertaining. Very cool stuff. Picked up the HOZAC single.  Up next was SHANNON & THE CLAMS. I had never really heard them and they were really great. Again, totaly 50's rock influence with a modern edge to it. Shannon's voice is absolutely insane. The guitar players picking was insanely clean. Luke was not impressed with the drummer AT ALL. The guitar player's voice was so high pitch I would have assumed it was a girl singing if I was listening to their record.  Listen to "You Can Come Over" to see what I'm talking about. Up next was HUNX & HIS PUNX. Same as last time. Everybody but me went to the WHITE WIRES show out in the middle of nowere but i stuck around at BEERLAND.  . Next was WIZZARD SLEEVE. These guys have a goofy name but are anything but. Total LOST SOUNDS worship/rip-off. Tons of keyboards, hate and darkness. They had free FRITO PIE which was awesome! SO GOOD! DIGITAL LEATHER came on next and played a pretty cool set. A couple of songs were amazing especially "Styrofoam" which was my favorite. RIVER CITY TANLINES played next and were pretty good. Total rock n' roll stuff. Kind of lost interest after a while. CHEAP TIME played last. I have a lot of trouble getting into this band for some reason. I really love the "Wild Life" single and a couple of songs off the lp (one being a cover) and it was the same watching them live. FUCKED UP played outside on the end and sucked. Played a bunch of songs halfway through and a few covers. NERVOUS BREAKDOWN with KEITH MORRIS on vocals was cool. Ate a veggie sausage and came back to the motel to relax. Brad is mad because I didn't wait for him apparently.

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