Thursday, March 18, 2010

SXSW part 2

We ended up missing THE SPITS since we left the motel a bit too late. We heard their entire set from the line we were waiting in. In kind of sucked that we missed them but we'll be seeing them later on in the weekend and it was nice standing in the sun. We got in and saw THE MUFFS. They've been a band for 19 years. Brad was flustered after finally seeing Kim in real life. His high school dream girl finally before his eyes. Swoon.

We then walked over to Charlie's since we knew there was something cool going on there. We walked in to the bar and it look like your regular Texas bar. Pool tables, big dudes hanging out, etc. We immediately headed over to the other side where the show was. Everybody in there was YOUNG. Mostly in their early 20's and some with the big X's on their hands showing they're underage. SHANNON & THE CLAMS had just finished and HUNX & HIS PUNX were setting up. Brad went over to the other side to use the bathrooms and came back with some info. Charlie's is a gay bar. We had no idea since we had bee lined it to the outdoor show part but slowly the evidence had pieced itself together. Bud Light advertisements with dudes getting intimate, dudes everywhere, techno on the loudspeaker etc. When I went to the bathroom I got an invite but declined. There was a guy next to the bar doing "exotic dancing" I guess they call it but he wasn't putting in much effort. His feet were basically planted on the floor and he just pumped his crotch rythmically to the beat of the shitty techno song that was playing. He probably would have made more money if he tried a little harder. HUNX played and were pretty good. Up next were MAGIC from Memphis. A group of 6 or 7  kids basically playing indie rock that people did in the early 2000's that most garage punk rockers would revile but apparently is cool to play now. They are good and play catchy songs but it's nothing too too exciting. We bailed halfway through the set.

As we were walking on the grounds of the Capitol building we saw something cross a path that was bigger than a rat but smaller then a cat. We ran in to investigate. It was a possum. Awesome. We then stopped by the hotel for a quick beer and headed out in search of food. The BBQ place that Luke wanted to go to was closed so we went to some New Orleans food truck outside of the LONGBRANCH INN. Went into the show and THE BEETS were playing. Totally boring in my opinion. No fucking energy in the least. Some dude wearing an inside out cardigan and stupid sunglasses playing an acoustic guitar that was all fuzzed out as his nerd friend played bass and the dorky drummer standing playing a floor tom and a snare. It was all really pleasant and cute. We bailed and headed out to TRAILER SPACE RECORDS where there was a HOZAC RECORDS show going on. The record store was pretty cool and I browsed through the records while some shitty band played typical reverb vocals, trashed out garbage. Picked up a couple records. There was a tons of people there and tons of people just hanging out outside. We went back to the LONGBRANCH and there was an even WORSE band playing. Total and utter infuriating bullshit. I can't describe it. So shitty. Stuck around through a couple of shitty bands than finally headed home.  Stopped outside of the aforementioned BBQ place and watched some basketball and had my last beer thinking my night was done.

As I was walking back to the motel I saw Ian, Allie and Emily in a distance. Said what's up and Ian reinvigorated my spirit and we headed back to the LONGBRANCH. JEFF THE BROTHERHOOD were lined to play and I had wanted to see them but couldn't stand the bullshit bands any longer. I am VERY happy we went back. JTB killed it. They were insanely good. Great songs. Great energy. Everything that was missing from the other bands. They played their hit BONE JAM and even a WEEZER cover which ruled! Stuck around to watch the first song by TURBO FRUITS got bummed and left. Cannonballed into the pool then went to bed.


Skottie said...

"He probably would have made more money if he tried a little harder."


Keep these coming! I'm checking every day.

St├ęphane said...

Wow! I'm happy for Brad, seing The Muffs must have been so awesome.