Friday, March 26, 2010

Peach Kelli Pop Video Release Party!

Back in January a video was shot for PEACH KELLI POP's blazing hit single "Do The Egg Roll." On April 3rd you will finally get a chance to see this very video which will be being shown for the very first time. Can you say World Premiere?!??! I can at least type it. That's for sure. To celebrate this event a party of modest proportion has been planned. There will be bands, dj's, dancing, partying, drinking, friends and FUN!!!!

PEACH KELLI POP is Allie from THE WHITE WIRES solo project. She writes and records everything herself. Live she is backed by an all-star band featuring her twin sister Emily, Davey a.k.a. Male Nurse and Ian from THE WHITE WIRES.

THE GIRLFRIENDS are a raucous bunch of young punk rock freaks who like to get wild and play the short blasts of snotty garage punk that will catch you like the flu.They like to put on a real show so keep your eyes open while they play.

10 PM

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