Friday, March 5, 2010

Back To The Bin.

Tomorrow night at Babylon we're going back to 2000. We're going back to the days where you would tape your friends cd's and get your mind blown by terrible bands with terrible names that you loved more than life itself. Back then two bands would often play together. One lasted 2 years. The other lasted ten years and counting.

THE MUGGINS were an annoying, rowdy, Ramones/Screeching Weasel rip-off band who played every pitiful shit-hole in Ottawa (and the surrounding areas) from 2000-2002. The debut CD "The Underwear Remains The Same" featuring their "hit" Headache Over You (also the opening track on the 30 band Ottawa compilation CD, Kick 'Em While Their Down) was released in 2000 which followed by the release of their 2nd CD, "The Young And The Breastless" in 2001. Countless shows followed at Bumpers, Babylon and The Underground, almost exclusively with The Riptides, Spygirl and of course, The Creeps. After 8-9 years, The Muggins are back for (hopefully) one night only, playing very select few songs from their 40 track repertoire. Appropriately, playing with The Creeps once again. Members of the Muggins later went on to form bands such as the Neighborhood Brats and Million Dollar Marxists. (With record titles that bad how can this not rule?!)

THE CREEPS have been around for a long time. They've released a full length, a 7" and a split 7" in the last couple of years and have currently finished recording a bunch of songs that will be released soon. It wasn't always this way. They used to put out a cd every 3 years and play with a bunch of bands who are long gone while they're still playing some of the best punk rock in the city and will be opening for the mighty RIVERDALES in May.

MARCH 6TH 2010

DJ's Dave Williams & Skid Vicious.

Doors at 10.

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