Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Avenging The Visigoths!

Holy Crapola! THE VISITORS have just posted 2 new songs on their myspace page! "Mr Slimey Eel" and "Russian Girls" both rip really hard. They recorded this record themselves at their practice space and it sounds awesome!  Here's what they had to say about it:

Hello Friends!

Coniferous or deciduous?  Which of these two tree-types is your favourite type of tree?  I like palm trees.  I don't think that they fall into either category.

Here's some information to put up your tree!  We have a new record coming out on GOING GAGA RECORDS!  This new record is a 6-song, 12" EP called, "Avenging the Visigoths"!  We have just sent stuff off to places where things are manufactured so, we're really hoping that these puppies are gonna be barking up our tree (read: ready) by May. 

You should check out the GOING GAGA internet site:  www.goinggagarecords.com
I am going to diverge a bit here and fill you in on something.  I have a co-worker that sends around a nice e-mail every morning with fun facts, etc. in it, and usually she puts a section near the end of the e-mail stating "Did you know that today is...." and informs us as to what special thing happens on this day.  Well, today (March 22) is INTERNATIONAL GOOF-OFF DAY.  How special!

So, on this international goof-off day, I have put up a couple of new songs from "Avenging the Visigoths" on the music player thingy. 

The Visigoths were people that lived in a time before us (the living).  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visigoths

I cannot wait for this record to come out! It's going to rip so hard! 

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