Monday, March 29, 2010

The Trapt - Car Bomb

Here's a live clip of Ottawa's THE TRAPT. This song appears on their "A Minute Late, A Dollar Short" EP that came out in 1989.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Peach Kelli Pop Video Release Party!

Back in January a video was shot for PEACH KELLI POP's blazing hit single "Do The Egg Roll." On April 3rd you will finally get a chance to see this very video which will be being shown for the very first time. Can you say World Premiere?!??! I can at least type it. That's for sure. To celebrate this event a party of modest proportion has been planned. There will be bands, dj's, dancing, partying, drinking, friends and FUN!!!!

PEACH KELLI POP is Allie from THE WHITE WIRES solo project. She writes and records everything herself. Live she is backed by an all-star band featuring her twin sister Emily, Davey a.k.a. Male Nurse and Ian from THE WHITE WIRES.

THE GIRLFRIENDS are a raucous bunch of young punk rock freaks who like to get wild and play the short blasts of snotty garage punk that will catch you like the flu.They like to put on a real show so keep your eyes open while they play.

10 PM

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blue Cross!


You can download the tape HERE but you should pick up the tape if you come across it.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Avenging The Visigoths!

Holy Crapola! THE VISITORS have just posted 2 new songs on their myspace page! "Mr Slimey Eel" and "Russian Girls" both rip really hard. They recorded this record themselves at their practice space and it sounds awesome!  Here's what they had to say about it:

Hello Friends!

Coniferous or deciduous?  Which of these two tree-types is your favourite type of tree?  I like palm trees.  I don't think that they fall into either category.

Here's some information to put up your tree!  We have a new record coming out on GOING GAGA RECORDS!  This new record is a 6-song, 12" EP called, "Avenging the Visigoths"!  We have just sent stuff off to places where things are manufactured so, we're really hoping that these puppies are gonna be barking up our tree (read: ready) by May. 

You should check out the GOING GAGA internet site:
I am going to diverge a bit here and fill you in on something.  I have a co-worker that sends around a nice e-mail every morning with fun facts, etc. in it, and usually she puts a section near the end of the e-mail stating "Did you know that today is...." and informs us as to what special thing happens on this day.  Well, today (March 22) is INTERNATIONAL GOOF-OFF DAY.  How special!

So, on this international goof-off day, I have put up a couple of new songs from "Avenging the Visigoths" on the music player thingy. 

The Visigoths were people that lived in a time before us (the living).

I cannot wait for this record to come out! It's going to rip so hard! 

SXSW part 7

The last day we spent in Austin was an interesting one to say the least. The Ottawa boys went to breakfast then Ian had to head to the airport to catch his flight home. He unfortunately ended up getting stranded in D.C. for the night which sucks. We hopped on a bus to get to South (?) Congress where there's a bunch of cool stores and whatnot. Right when we get on the bus, Luke sits down next to some crazy who starts saying shit like: "I'm going to stick you.......... I'm gonna take you on under the bridge and stab you........... I'm gonna kill someone. Make some money." Needless to say we got off the bus fairly quickly. Walked around check out some stores including the biggest and craziest antique store filled with so many blasts from the past. It was overwhelming. Stopped a restaurant for a seitan bbq sandwich thing that was pretty good as well as a beer and tomato juice drink that was pretty good.

Headed to the hotel to chill out for a bit but then room service came in so I was back out on the streets. Headed over to BEERLAND to meet up with Luke then we headed over to THE SIDE BAR to check out this band called JAILL who have a couple of the guys from THE GOODNIGHT LOVING in it. I guess the schedule got changed around because they weren't playing quite yet. It was an outdoor to stage which was pretty cool. Would have been better if the weather had been a bit nicer. Met up with our friend Mark and a couple of his friends from Portland. A band called A GIANT DOG that had the singer from BAD SPORTS playing drums was getting ready to play. Luke and I headed over to the bar to grab a drink. We switch things up a little and order vodka sodas. The bartender was a good dude and he heavy-handedly poured our drinks. This was the turning point of our story, folks. The drink was delicious, reasonably priced and after 2 of them we were already starting to feel it. A GIANT DOG were pretty good. Except the singer had terrible dance moves and looked like a "sexy treasure troll" which is either a compliment or an insult or both.

Tried to go back to BEERLAND to see JEFF THE BROTHERHOOD but there was already a line up of people probably since VIVIAN GIRLS were playing last that night. Headed back to THE SIDE BAR for more vodka sodas while we waited for JAILL to play. They ended up being a pretty good band. Kind of like THE GOODNIGHT LOVING but with less of a country feel. The songs all sounded pretty same-y though. After that checked out the LOVE cover band that was playing inside. They were really really good. During their set some dude decked out in a Canadian tuxedo with cowboy hat and boots who looked like Zach Galifianakis was doing rock kicks at the band. It was pretty funny. This was not the last we would see of him. Outside THE GOLDEN BOYS went on and were pretty cool. I guess they are an Austin band who rarely play or something. Cowboy Dude was high fiving everyone so I gave him tons of high fives and he even let me put on his cowboy hat. When he tried to get it back, I asked if I could wear it a bit more. When the band was done, I bolted. Not a cool move at all, stealing someone's hat, but it seemed funny at the time since I was wasted. We headed over to CASINO EL CAMINO because Luke is all about this place and needed to have one of their burgers. Place was pretty cool. Hung out wearing the cowboy hat. Played a round of BIG BUCK SAFARI and had some more drinks. Two hours went by and then we walked over to see if we could get into BEERLAND.

Once we hit the corner where RED RIVER (the street Beerland is on) and 7th (the street The Side Bar is on) some girl runs up to me screaming "THAT'S MY BOYFRIEND'S HAT!!!!!!" and rips it off my head. "No! It's mine! Some dude gave it to me!" "No it's not!" She walks away and gives it to Cowboy Dude, immediately frees me of any blame by telling him "someone gave it to him." Cowboy Dude walks up to me overjoyed at being reunited with his hat. "I remember your face!" he exclaims. "You're a good dude!" He remembers me because I had been very generous with my high fives earlier. He was so pumped to get his hat back. I was kind of bummed because that thing looked awesome on me but whatever. I don't have to feel guilty now. Got into BEERLAND and hung out outside getting even more unnecessarily wasted. Stumbled back to the motel eventually and vomited like there was no tomorrow.

But there was a tomorrow and that tomorrow started at 5 am or whatever time it was when we had to wake up to catch our plane. Gather all of my shit. Threw it in the cab. Cab driver was this weird 73 old man who told us tons of random stories involving encyclopedias, the Dewey Decimal System, some guy cut his girlfriend up to pieces, being the only house on the block with a television, etc. Got to the airport and things were insane! The line up to get through security was so long. It was snaking all over the airport. We got in line and waited. We finally got through and we had to sprint Home Alone style through the airport to get to our plane. We were pretty much the last people to board. Felt like hell. Vomited in the bathroom. Flew to New Jersey. Drove to Ottawa. That's it.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

SXSW part 6

Yesterday was a top notch day. It all started off with a trip to drop off the rental car. We stopped at this awesome Food Trailer Park! It was just a big lot with several trailers selling food. I got a chili dog. We dropped off the car and then waited forever to get a cab. We headed over to check out SO COW at a small little place but the schedule was pushed back an hour. Walked to BEERLAND (obviously) and checked out SECTOR ZERO which is comprised of two of the guys that run GONER RECORDS and their friend on drums. They play short and fast punk songs that sounded like they were written 2 days before the show. It was pretty funny and entertaining. Walked across the street to watch THE BLIND SHAKE play outside of a Mexican restaurant. They were playing in front of only a couple people but they put on a good show nevertheless. Watched half their set  then headed back to check out SO COW but it turns out he canceled. So we headed back to BEERLAND to watch COCOMA rip it up for a few songs. They play with a lot of energy and are really tight. They make great us of backup vocals too. I definitely need to check out their records. Walked up to TRAILER SPACE RECORDS to watch finally get to see the elusive SO COW. I'm not familiar with his/their stuff at all but it was definitely one of the best sets of the fest. He even gave a shout out to The White Wires. Hoofed it over to CLUB 1808 to see BARRERACUDAS again then back to Trailer Space for HAPPY BIRTHDAY which is the new King Tuff band. Much like King Tuff I had trouble getting into it. BRIMSTONE HOWL were a last minute edition to the show and were awesome as well. A bunch of people had left already but those that stuck around were rewarded.

We then cabbed out to the other end of the city for the house show that THE WHITE WIRES were playing. BAD SPORTS were the first band we saw play. One of the guys in the band had won a contest that day. He won an old van filled with brand new music equipment! New drumset, guitars, amps, the works! Insane. They ripped it up hard and people were flipping out and getting rowdy like any good house show should be. Up next were SHANNON & THE CLAMS. When they first started the energy in the room kind of dropped but then they played a lot of their faster songs and even ended with a cover of HYBRID MOMENTS. It ruled. The show was being broadcasted live over the internet which is amazing. THE WHITE WIRES played next and the first song made it seem like it was going to be a disastrous set but they turned it around for the rest. They were really really great. People were dancing and singing a long and having a great time. I kept getting my fist jammed up by the ceiling fan. It was a blast! AUDACITY played next but I missed most of their set since I was hanging out outside. We then grabbed a cab and headed back to the hotel. This was definitely the most fun I had at on this trip.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

SXSW part 5

Once again, I start my day off at BEERLAND. I get there way too early and sit around waiting to see PREDATOR. Their "Honest Man" ep has been blowing me away as of late so I was very excited to see them. They play a mix of hardcore and punk with just enough weirdness to it to make it interesting.They played hard and fast despite playing at 1 pm in front of a really small crowd. TERRIBLE TWOS played next and were fairly forgettable. They aren't bad at all and I enjoyed them when they played RRPP a while back but they didn't really move me at all this time around. DAILY VOID from Chicago played next and were way better. Loud, noisy grating guitars with pulsating drums and disgusting vocals that punish your brain in your good way. Plus the singer kind of looks like GG ALLIN. EARTHMEN AND STRANGERS were next and were absolutely amazing. They followed three crazy punk bands and switched things up completely. They played very upbeat MISSION OF BURMA/WIPERS influenced stuff. They were super tight and awesome. Can't recommend this band enough. I will be ordering the lp right when I get home

After that I headed over to catch the TROUBLE IN MIND showcase. Finally saw THE WHITE WIRES play after missing their first two shows. The set start off pretty shaky wish isn't surprising considering they were borrowing all of the gear that they were using. They ended the set really strongly and had people singing along and dancing. THE HEX DISPENSERS played next and they were way better than they were yesterday. The sound was way better and they absolutely killed. It was also entertaining because there were two random dudes there who were kind of flanking the band that had me picturing them as two of the shittiest wrestlers of all time. The guy on the left was TERMINAL SOUND GUY with his ponytail, beard and single Mardi Gras beaded necklace. The guy on the right was BUSINESS TRIP MAN with his suit and his look which was a cross between DAVE COULIER and OGRE and he kept doing the "hang loose" hand gesture and staring closely at a guitar amp and at the drummer. I picked up a copy of the new MEAN JEANS single and I just realized that I should have picked up a bunch of copies for my dear friends who are probably getting bummed as they read this sentence. Sorry. Maybe The WW's picked up copies? I will try to rectify this situation tomorrow. High tailed it back to BEERLAND to watch THE SPITS play outside on the patio. A bunch of people were hanging out in the street watching as they tore through their set. You know who loves THE SPITS? Old skater dudes who grew up going to shows in the late 80's and do not give a fuck about you or anything else.

Went to a cool vegetarian restaurant with Brad and got vegan sloppy joes. Pretty good but more importantly filling. Then headed once again to BEERLAND for the IN THE RED showcase. I only hung out for a bit but had to take off because I realized I was completely burnt out on music. Luke headed over to see SO COW who apparently destroyed AND was wearing a WHITE WIRES t-shirt while doing it which is very cool while I finally ventured into the mess of SXSW on 6th street. The streets were filled with hipsters, douchebags, crust punks, peddlers, weirdos and regular people. A clusterfuck of people that you had to weave through. It reminded me of Mardi Gras in New Orleans but instead of seeing boobs everywhere you were hearing the sounds of mediocre bands trying to "make it" coming from every single bar. My legs got crazy tired so I headed back to the motel to chill out and watch stand up comedy on tv. I am a loser. I'm cool with that.

Friday, March 19, 2010

SXSW part 4

Headed back to BEERLAND. I'm clearly obsessed with this place. Had to wait while a couple of shitty bands played because I wanted to make sure that I got in to see the HEX DISPENSERS. They ripped it up very hard. Played mostly songs off of Winchester Mystery House as well as a new song that they just recorded a few days ago. It was great to see a band I actually know and love instead of just checking out bands that I don't really know much about.

Walked around looking for food and came upon a cool looking Japanese restaurant. Brad and I place our order then I look over at a big group of people sitting at a table. Who is sitting at the head of that table? Bill Fucking Murray! Our minds explode and we're very pleased at our superstar sighting. A few minutes later I realize that not only is that Bill Murray but he's either drunk or REALLY sleepy. Amazing! The food was really great and I'll definitely be heading back at some point this weekend.

Walked over to TRAILER SPACE RECORDS which is where THE WHITE WIRES had played earlier to meet up with everyone. Caught BARRERACUDAS who played a set of upbeat snotty 70's style punk. It was definitely entertaining. PERSONAL & THE PIZZAS played a wild set with a drunken PERSONAL wielding a chain around and breaking shit and hitting people with it. It was pretty wild and asinine.

After that, Luke and I went back to the hotel. Him to sleep and me to write this shit. Hopefully I will have wild tales to report about what everyone else did into the wee hours of the morning.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

SXSW part 3

Woke up at around 10 am. Feeling fairly good  all things considered. Had a little EMERGEN-C and was ready to go. Went to some place for breakfast. It sucked. It took insanely long to get our food and it wasn't even that great. I don't know what the fuck was going on back there but they fucked up BIG TIME. Headed straight to BEERLAND to catch MICKEY. They played a cool set of 50's rock n' roll with punk rock attitude. Singer was very entertaining. Very cool stuff. Picked up the HOZAC single.  Up next was SHANNON & THE CLAMS. I had never really heard them and they were really great. Again, totaly 50's rock influence with a modern edge to it. Shannon's voice is absolutely insane. The guitar players picking was insanely clean. Luke was not impressed with the drummer AT ALL. The guitar player's voice was so high pitch I would have assumed it was a girl singing if I was listening to their record.  Listen to "You Can Come Over" to see what I'm talking about. Up next was HUNX & HIS PUNX. Same as last time. Everybody but me went to the WHITE WIRES show out in the middle of nowere but i stuck around at BEERLAND.  . Next was WIZZARD SLEEVE. These guys have a goofy name but are anything but. Total LOST SOUNDS worship/rip-off. Tons of keyboards, hate and darkness. They had free FRITO PIE which was awesome! SO GOOD! DIGITAL LEATHER came on next and played a pretty cool set. A couple of songs were amazing especially "Styrofoam" which was my favorite. RIVER CITY TANLINES played next and were pretty good. Total rock n' roll stuff. Kind of lost interest after a while. CHEAP TIME played last. I have a lot of trouble getting into this band for some reason. I really love the "Wild Life" single and a couple of songs off the lp (one being a cover) and it was the same watching them live. FUCKED UP played outside on the end and sucked. Played a bunch of songs halfway through and a few covers. NERVOUS BREAKDOWN with KEITH MORRIS on vocals was cool. Ate a veggie sausage and came back to the motel to relax. Brad is mad because I didn't wait for him apparently.

SXSW part 2

We ended up missing THE SPITS since we left the motel a bit too late. We heard their entire set from the line we were waiting in. In kind of sucked that we missed them but we'll be seeing them later on in the weekend and it was nice standing in the sun. We got in and saw THE MUFFS. They've been a band for 19 years. Brad was flustered after finally seeing Kim in real life. His high school dream girl finally before his eyes. Swoon.

We then walked over to Charlie's since we knew there was something cool going on there. We walked in to the bar and it look like your regular Texas bar. Pool tables, big dudes hanging out, etc. We immediately headed over to the other side where the show was. Everybody in there was YOUNG. Mostly in their early 20's and some with the big X's on their hands showing they're underage. SHANNON & THE CLAMS had just finished and HUNX & HIS PUNX were setting up. Brad went over to the other side to use the bathrooms and came back with some info. Charlie's is a gay bar. We had no idea since we had bee lined it to the outdoor show part but slowly the evidence had pieced itself together. Bud Light advertisements with dudes getting intimate, dudes everywhere, techno on the loudspeaker etc. When I went to the bathroom I got an invite but declined. There was a guy next to the bar doing "exotic dancing" I guess they call it but he wasn't putting in much effort. His feet were basically planted on the floor and he just pumped his crotch rythmically to the beat of the shitty techno song that was playing. He probably would have made more money if he tried a little harder. HUNX played and were pretty good. Up next were MAGIC from Memphis. A group of 6 or 7  kids basically playing indie rock that people did in the early 2000's that most garage punk rockers would revile but apparently is cool to play now. They are good and play catchy songs but it's nothing too too exciting. We bailed halfway through the set.

As we were walking on the grounds of the Capitol building we saw something cross a path that was bigger than a rat but smaller then a cat. We ran in to investigate. It was a possum. Awesome. We then stopped by the hotel for a quick beer and headed out in search of food. The BBQ place that Luke wanted to go to was closed so we went to some New Orleans food truck outside of the LONGBRANCH INN. Went into the show and THE BEETS were playing. Totally boring in my opinion. No fucking energy in the least. Some dude wearing an inside out cardigan and stupid sunglasses playing an acoustic guitar that was all fuzzed out as his nerd friend played bass and the dorky drummer standing playing a floor tom and a snare. It was all really pleasant and cute. We bailed and headed out to TRAILER SPACE RECORDS where there was a HOZAC RECORDS show going on. The record store was pretty cool and I browsed through the records while some shitty band played typical reverb vocals, trashed out garbage. Picked up a couple records. There was a tons of people there and tons of people just hanging out outside. We went back to the LONGBRANCH and there was an even WORSE band playing. Total and utter infuriating bullshit. I can't describe it. So shitty. Stuck around through a couple of shitty bands than finally headed home.  Stopped outside of the aforementioned BBQ place and watched some basketball and had my last beer thinking my night was done.

As I was walking back to the motel I saw Ian, Allie and Emily in a distance. Said what's up and Ian reinvigorated my spirit and we headed back to the LONGBRANCH. JEFF THE BROTHERHOOD were lined to play and I had wanted to see them but couldn't stand the bullshit bands any longer. I am VERY happy we went back. JTB killed it. They were insanely good. Great songs. Great energy. Everything that was missing from the other bands. They played their hit BONE JAM and even a WEEZER cover which ruled! Stuck around to watch the first song by TURBO FRUITS got bummed and left. Cannonballed into the pool then went to bed.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SXSW part 1

Drove to Newark, NJ last night. Stopped in Dickson, Pa for some food at the Windsor Inn, home of the World's 2nd Best Wings. It was a small room with plastic tables and a beer counter with a cash & carry liquor service. An amazing article hanging on the wall from 1993 about the Windsor Inn's winning of the State Wing Championship quoting the DJ at the event who claimed that the Windsor Inn "attacked this competition like we attacked in Desert Storm." Slept a couple of hours then went to the airport. Smooth flight. Got to the hotel. Had trouble getting our reservations sorted out. Hung out and drank beer in the sun on the curb outside the hotel while listening to music. Went and grabbed some food at a couple of couple cool restaurants.

It is now 3:45 pm Texas Time. Several beers in. Going to see The Spits in an hour. We're just getting started.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Going to Austin for a week. Gonna watch awesome bands and have tons of fun. Will report back here with anecdotes.

Stay classy.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bad Vibrations

Bad Vibrations are from Halifax. They remind me of Eric's Trip or Sebadoh's more upbeat songs. Driving, energetic with great melodies and vocal harmonies. They sound like the "indie rock" bands of the early 90's, back when indie rock wasn't a four letter word that evoked the image of boring soulless music played by bands with 9 members minimum. I'm giving you a little heads up about this band because they will be playing in Ottawa on May 11th and you can familiarize yourself with them now so you can be excited that they're finally playing your city after only 2 months of anticipation!

Friday, March 12, 2010

RRPP Update!

GET A LIFE LOSERS have just released their first tape. It's called "Hot Dad" and it was released by BRUISED TONGUE. They played at ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY last night and absolutely destroyed. I haven't gotten a chance to listen to their tape yet but I am very excited to do so. You should be too.

Speaking of ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY, we only have a couple of weeks left at the ATOMIC ROOSTER. On March 18th, the RRPP gang will be in Austin for SXSW but our good friends CRAIG and DAVEY will be holding it down for us. They will undoubtedly play some awesome tracks that will get you raging. On March 25th, we will be having a regular RRPP potentially with some guest DJ's and whatnot. April 1st will mark the last RRPP at the Atomic Rooster and we will be going out with a bang with MIESHA & THE SPANKS from Calgary playing with DCT from Toronto. This promises to be a rager of epic proportions! We will then lay low for a few weeks while keeping the three R's in mind: REFORM, REGROUP, REVAMP. The RRRP WILL be back and it WILL be better than ever. 

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Just a reminder that JAPANTHER are playing TONIGHT with BLACK FEELINGS and brand new band SHAKEY ACHES! Doors are at 9 pm and tickets will be $8 at the door! First band on at 9:30.

Thursday night THE JOB from Toronto and GET A LIFE LOSERS will be playing at ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY! This show will be GET A LIFE LOSERS' tape release party and will be a real wild time! Atomic Rooster (303 Bank St). Doors at 10 pm. PWYC.

Friday night THE STEVE ADAMYK BAND will be performing at monthly punk dj night BORED TO DEATH. This will be the release party for the SPEED IT UP b/w 20/20 single which was released by P.TRASH records. Ritual Nightclub (137 Besserrer - Basement) Doors at 10 pm. $3.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Update.

Friday night I was Montreal-bound to go see THE WHITE WIRES, SONIC AVENUES, THE WALNUT KIDS, THE STEVE ADAMYK BAND & DIRTY WEDDING. Due to a highway closure and subsequent detour it took 5 HOURS to get to Montreal. Insanity. 2 hours in and we were only in Russel. Once we arrived at Friendship Cove the first two bands had already finished playing and THE WALNUT KIDS were about 5 songs deep into their set. The few songs I did catch sounded amazing. This is the first time I saw them with their new drummer and it seems to have kicked a fresh breath of life into these kids' lungs. They sounded really great, had a lot of energy and did a great VIBRATORS cover. This was the 7" release party for their new single "Can't Stand 'Em" on GOING GAGA records which I highly recommend you pick up. 3 catchy power punk tunes that are just perfect. Up next were SONIC AVENUES and they absolutely killed it. Fast paced, high energy set which consisted mostly of songs of their new lp on GOING GAGA which I also highly recommend. These guys are so efficient that they even played a brand new song as well! Up next were THE WHITE WIRES and they were as great as always. People in the crowd were flipping out, a lot of drunk young men getting their shirts removed, a wasted girl stage diving and a lot of crowd surfing. It was a pretty wild time. This show was definitely worth the 5 hour drive in the end so I can't complain.

Saturday night was THE CREEPS & THE MUGGINS reunion at Babylon. There was a really good crowd there with a lot of faces that were unfamiliar to me mostly due to the fact that I didn't live here in the early 2000's and that a lot of the people who came out to this show haven't been out to a punk show since the early 2000's. THE CREEPS  played a bunch of old songs which sounded really good and were much faster than their newer stuff. People in the crowd were flipping out while I watched contentedly. The second half of their set consisted of new songs so I was very happy. I cannot wait for their new record to come out. It is going to be insane. THE MUGGINS played next and they were a lot better than I thought they would be. They played total SCREECHING WEASEL type punk rock with great vocal harmonies and they even did a cover of "Then He Kissed Me" as well as a Ramones medley. My only complaint was that their set was too long but I guess they haven't played in so long and probably won't ever again so they wanted to get as much mileage out of their set as possible. All in all, a really fun night!

Check out Male Nurse's cover of THE CREEPS' "On & On" HERE!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Back To The Bin.

Tomorrow night at Babylon we're going back to 2000. We're going back to the days where you would tape your friends cd's and get your mind blown by terrible bands with terrible names that you loved more than life itself. Back then two bands would often play together. One lasted 2 years. The other lasted ten years and counting.

THE MUGGINS were an annoying, rowdy, Ramones/Screeching Weasel rip-off band who played every pitiful shit-hole in Ottawa (and the surrounding areas) from 2000-2002. The debut CD "The Underwear Remains The Same" featuring their "hit" Headache Over You (also the opening track on the 30 band Ottawa compilation CD, Kick 'Em While Their Down) was released in 2000 which followed by the release of their 2nd CD, "The Young And The Breastless" in 2001. Countless shows followed at Bumpers, Babylon and The Underground, almost exclusively with The Riptides, Spygirl and of course, The Creeps. After 8-9 years, The Muggins are back for (hopefully) one night only, playing very select few songs from their 40 track repertoire. Appropriately, playing with The Creeps once again. Members of the Muggins later went on to form bands such as the Neighborhood Brats and Million Dollar Marxists. (With record titles that bad how can this not rule?!)

THE CREEPS have been around for a long time. They've released a full length, a 7" and a split 7" in the last couple of years and have currently finished recording a bunch of songs that will be released soon. It wasn't always this way. They used to put out a cd every 3 years and play with a bunch of bands who are long gone while they're still playing some of the best punk rock in the city and will be opening for the mighty RIVERDALES in May.

MARCH 6TH 2010

DJ's Dave Williams & Skid Vicious.

Doors at 10.