Friday, February 26, 2010

This is how it all went down.

MONDAY - The STEVE ADAMYK Band ripped hard. Played their entire discography which is a set of 3 singles, 1 of which is out now. Sounded really good. GO SEE THEM NEXT FRIDAY AT BORED TO DEATH! The PG-13's aren't really my thing at all. Played a pretty sloppy set. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS did their thing as usual. Played all the songs you expect to hear. Sucks watching that band played on a stage that big and no energy in the room. It was way better when they played RRPP.

TUESDAY - HOLY COBRAS opened up the show and absolutely killed it. They played in front of a  bunch of people who had never seen them before and I think they went over well. Played a new song that ripped and covered NO FUN which they put their own twist on. KURT VILE's first five songs were great then I started losing interest since I prefer upbeat and ideally wild performances. He played very well, it's just that I would rather sit at home and listen to the record.
Here's the new HOLY COBRAS song.

and here's KURT VILE playing Freak Train.

THURSDAY. YEAR ZERO are awesome. I love this band so much. So catchy and heartfelt. Cannot get enough. GO SEE THEM ON SATURDAY! YESTERDAY'S RING was not my thing at all. I found them uninteresting. I will admit that I'm not very familiar with LEATHERFACE. Their set last night made me want to change that. Several of the songs were incredible and put a huge smile on my face and blew me away. Drummer was killer.

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