Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So last week was pretty bonkers. I went to 4 shows in 4 nights and it broke my brain.

The first of the four was RED MASS & TOTAL CRUSH at RRPP.

I really enjoyed TOTAL CRUSH once again. They played a short and straight to the point set. Super catchy and pretty songs masked under layers of feedback and noise with a drum machine backing it all up. I'd be interested in hearing some recorded material and hopefully it comes soon.

I had seen RED MASS this summer and thought they were pretty good. This show was much better. They tore through song after song and they all ripped. Seems like most of the songs were new ones so I'm really looking forward to hearing whatever releases they'll be out on. They have put out a lot of stuff lately and they are hard to keep track of but I definitely like the direction they are going in.

Check out a bunch of pictures by PAUL GALIPEAU by clicking HERE.
You can see pictures taken by DAVE FORCIER by clicking HERE.

On Friday I went to 2 different shows but only caught 1/2 of each. The first was METZ at Babylon playing an incredibly weird Architecture Club thing where they (the AC) were releasing a t-shirt and a zine. I don't get it either. Regardless, METZ came on an absolutely destroyed. I've seen this band several times and they only get better and better. They are so tight and loud and perfect it hurts. They've definitely outgrown the YOUNG WIDOWS comparison that would have plagued them. They've found their own kind of sound and are running with it. Can't wait to hear the third of their three seven inches coming out on WE ARE BUSY BODIES records. Pick up the first two immediately.

I then hopped in a van and drove to Wakefield for WAKE UP WAKEFIELD 3. I missed SUPPOSITORIES & THE BAND WHOSE NAME IS A SYMBOL but I got there just as GUNSMOKE was setting up. They ripped it up as usual to an appreciative crowd peppered with the old man regulars who were having a field day gropping anything they laid their eyes on and trying to stake their territory. Pretty shitty and make for a weird atmosphere at times but generally the good times prevailed. YEAR ZERO headlined and played a great set that was marred only when some old man was being a dick "in the pit" and Brad & Tim had to throw down their instruments and regulate. Bogus.

The next night was a night of effects pedals and noise and insanity at 854 BRONSON. SELF-SURGERY started off with a noise set that blended into a short TOTAL CRUSH set. GET A LIFE LOSERS played next and were really great. I really like this band and they were even better than they were the first time I saw them 3 weeks prior. The TONSTARTSSBANDHT set was marred by technical difficulties and BLACK FEELINGS weren't as impressive as they had been when I saw them at Irene's back in October. A lot of people were really into them so what do I know? The night ended with a 90's dance party which ruled!

The final night was a Sunday night house show. The sidewalks were ice rinks yet the TOUGH TIMES house was crammed full of people. I missed THE DIRTY NUNS but got there in time for YEAR ZERO to play an underwhelming set which was unfortunate. PREVENGE sounded really good but I had to stay in the kitchen since the room was so packed. I missed their tourmates DIG IT UP because I was done with loud music after such a long week.

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