Monday, February 1, 2010

Back To The Beach!

On Saturday February 6th, we're heading BACK TO THE BEACH! We can't make winter go away but we can at least spend one night pretending it's summer. We're going to get rid of those winter blues with some red hot music courtesy of MOTHER'S CHILDREN & KOKOMO PUNKS (ex and current members of WHITE WIRES, GUNSMOKE, THE ROOKERS & BEACH BLANKETS playing some classic surf!) I overheard these guys practicing last week and they sounded amazing! I'm very excited to see them play.
DJ's Auntie Loo & Barbarella will be spinning some fun garage and 60's pop and anything in between that will get you shaking, groovin' and hula hoopin'!

February 6th 2010
Babylon Nightclub
317 Bank St.

Doors at 10 pm.
5 dollars.

Bring your friends! Have fun! We're going back to the beach!

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Joel Gadde said...

Hey Luke, awesome post. Just so you know Friday is the 5th, just don't want people getting the days mixed up for the show on Saturday!